What Have You Done Today…


Hey Buuuuuudies!

Well the lunchtime winner was: Subway! I was reading a blog post on Self.com today about the corporate dietician for Subway and what her favorite “eat fresh” pick was: Wheat bread + chicken breast + tons of veggies. Seeing this made me hungry so I went and picked myself one up :) My sub had:

  • Wheat bread
  • Turkey
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Red Onion
  • Banana Peppers
  • Pickles
  • Honey Mustard


Don’t you love how every single Subway in the country smells exactly the same? I can honestly say that I’ve never been to a Subway that didn’t smell like every other one that I’ve ever been to. I like that – consistency is good! The bread was super fresh today and I was loving the honey mustard taste coupled with the massive amount of veggies my sandwhich artist included in my sub!


Naturally, I needed something sweet afterwards – I was so tempted to get the soft, fresh, amazing chocolate chip cookies there – but have you seen the calorie counts on those pups? Way too high for this girl. So, I trucked over to a nearby grocery store and picked up a couple of pieces of Stretch Island fruit leather! There were a ton of flavors to pick from, but I decided on the Grape and Raspberry. They were both ~45 calories each, so obviously I had two :) These were so good – I could have eaten 50 of them and I definitely want to try more flavors! Bonus: each of them counted as one fruit serving and there were no added sugars. They are just fruit and just delicious!


After work today I was just NOT feeling a run. I had about 2 weeks of dirty laundry to do – yay the washer is fixed! – and I was super tired. However, I sang the theme song to the Biggest Loser in my head a couple of times, (no really, I did) threw on my running clothes and booked it down the street! Super muggy + fair temps = awesome 5.12 mile run! I love to run in the heat, but I can’t sit here and tell you that running in 68 degree weather is terrible because it’s just not!

Sooo a couple of months ago, a friend sent me this incredible recipe for Cranberry & Herb Turkey Burgers. I made them when she sent me the recipe and they tasted like Thanksgiving dinner in burger form – SO amazing! Well today I had all the ingredients on hand to make them again, save for the ground turkey. BUT I had turkey breasts in the freezer, so I made a de-constructed version of the recipe!


I seasoned up my turkey breasts with: S&P, sage, thyme, onion powder and garlic powder, seared them for about 7 minutes a side on my flat top skillet, finished them in the oven for about 5 minutes and served them over a bed of couscous with the same seasonings + vegetable broth & red onion! Then I sprinkled dried cranberries over the whole dish for that “cranberry relish” taste.


It was Thanksgiving in April today my friends. This dish tasted exactly like a plate of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce – without the hours and hours of cooking time and overeating involved! And guess what else I had on hand?? Last night’s cornbread!! What a perfect sidekick!


Well my belly is happy and The Office is on tonight – what more could a girl want :)

So, I realize that singing the Biggest Loser song in my head is kind of lame – but it seriously got me motivated to run! What do you do to get your butt out the door when you’re not feeling the workout?

One more day to enter up to three times for the One Month Blogiversary Giveaway! Ah!

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