Cous to the Lung


Whew – just had about the busiest day EVER! I seriously worked and/or was in meetings for Even through lunch! It’s cool though, tomorrow we’re having a little department pot luck. Should be a good spread, and a nice way to end the week!


Aside from the morning walk with my mom, I decided to take an exercise rest day. I’m going to go listen to my brother preach tonight at church and I didn’t want to have to take a shower before I go! He leads a late night worship service aimed at people in their 20’s and 30’s. It’s great! Check out his website here:


Dinner tonight was cheese ravioli with marinara sauce. Ben actually picked out the sauce – it’s one of his favorites from a small, local restaurant here in town: Gino’s. I like this sauce for three reasons:


  1. I like supporting local businesses
  2. It’s awesome – so fresh tasting, with some spice!
  3. It’s all natural and has a teeny, tiny ingredient list

I HEART small ingredient lists! If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t really love eating it. Coincidentally, this is one of the many reasons I love Lara Bars! I also had some leftover couscous made with chicken broth and some zucchini in the fridge, so I combined those in a skillet with a splash of chicken broth, some garlic and onion powder and called it a side dish.




This dinner was so great – chewy pasta, cheesy filling, savory sauce, fluffy couscous….mmmmMMMM! Speaking of fluffy couscous…have you ever had a brownie with powdered sugar on top, taken a bite and accidentally inhaled some of the sugar, making you cough your brains out?? Ben did that with his couscous tonight and it was hiiiiiilarious…after he recovered his quote was “ugh, I got a little cous to the lung…” ohhh good times at the dinner table!!







Off to go listen to the bro – but watching Ugly Betty first. What a great, feel good show – eh?


Are there any small businesses in your town that sell products you like to buy? What are your thoughts on supporting local business?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! And i LOVE Ugly Betty!! Such an adorable show.

  2. Michelle T 04.03.2009

    Hi there!
    I just found your lovely blog through foodbuzz and I’m loving your pictures and your writing!! The pasta looks like it could TOTALLY have walked out of a restaurant menu!! Yum!!! :) Can’t wait to read more about what you have to say.

    P.s. I’m from the midwest too!!! hehe
    P.s.s. Come visit me at, I’m hosting a giveaway!

  3. Amber 04.03.2009

    I think supporting local businesses is a great idea. We buy all our fresh fruit and produce from a small, locally owned grocery store about six block from our apartment. That way we can walk to get groceries, they’re cheaper than at the big chain stores and healthier because whatever can be locally grown is locally grown!! And they make their bread right at the store, it’s amazing!!

  4. VeggieGirl 04.03.2009

    Wonderful pasta meal!!

    Enjoy the potluck tomorrow!!

  5. iowagirleats 04.04.2009

    Courtney: Right?? I was so bummed b/c the show wasn’t on though. Caught up on some Office reruns on Hulu though :)

    Michelle: Awesome website!! I seriously sat straight up when I was going through your favorite dessert post. Hoooooly cow…I wanted them all!

    Amber: Walking to get groceries is the best. I used to be able to do that when I lived in Minneapolis – so nice!

    VeggieGirl: Thanks! It was sooo good. Nothing like some good pasta :)

  6. Angie 04.22.2009

    Des Moines has so many small business’. That is why Des Moines is so unique. Try Latin King, The General Store (Valley Junction), Z’Marick’s, Bratta’s (south side)….i could go on and on!!

  7. Kristin 04.22.2009

    Angie: LOVE The General Store – I could go on and on (and on and on!!) about their steamed ruebens…mmmmm!!!

  8. Heather 09.14.2011

    I love your blog!!! I was wondering how you made the pasta???

  9. monica 07.18.2012

    oh boy — i peed my pants laughing at the title of this entry—cous in the arabic language is a very naughty word lol

  10. Angie 04.22.2009

    you are right the ruebens might be the best thing on earth!

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