The Perfect Start


Good morning, and happy Friday!!!!

I kicked the day off with a “Perfect Oatmeal” + latte at Starbucks. Sometimes I like to treat myself on Fridays, who doesn’t? I’ve gotten the perfect oatmeal once before and I really liked it. I wouldn’t say it’s “perfect”, but it’s darn good! The oats are more like steel cut oats, instead of the flat, quick cooking or instant oats – therefore a little more chewy and fun to eat! The oatmeal + latte deal at my Starbucks is $3.95, but they charge you for extras like brown sugar, nuts and/or dried fruit. The inner scrub in me says “no way!” to paying for that, so I supplied my own brown sugar and almonds, thank you very much! Oh, I also packed a banana to snack on later. We have the potluck today, but I wanted a smarter, healthier alternative to oreos and dougnuts. Sometimes (ok, most times) smarter healthier options are just not as fun though, so we’ll see if the banana wins today. I’m rooting for it!


Oh, my latte felt like taking a trip to Mexico today too.  Just kidding, that’s my desktop background! Oh, that made me laugh…Fridays are great!

Ben’s coming to eat lunch with me today. He works about a mile away so sometimes we go and get pops together during the middle of the day and/or have lunch together. Today we’re having leftovers – joy! His & Hers lunch portions:


I hope everyone has a fabulous day! What are your weekend plans?? Saturday I am cleaning my buns off all day and then going for a celebratory dinner with Ben. What are we celebrating? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see :D TGIF!

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  1. Amber 04.03.2009

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend. Next week is my last week of classes this semester so I am just extremely busy with homework! Can’t wait to hear what you’re celebrating :-)

  2. alice 04.04.2009

    SBUX’s oatmeal is not bad at all. I would order them at least once a week but now I’m just trying to eat oatmeal at home. I like your website!

  3. VeggieGirl 04.04.2009

    Haha, love the Mexico backdrop for the coffee ;-)

    **Weekend plans = start celebrating my 21st birthday (which is on Monday April 6th).

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. iowagirleats 04.04.2009

    Amber: Awesome news! It’s no nice when you can look forward to having a break!

    Alice: LOVE your website, I seriously drooled over every, single recipe…we have similar tastes!!

    VeggieGirl: Yay!! 21! How exciting!!

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