Let Them Eat Cake!




Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow! What great pictures from this past winter in Iowa!” You’d be wrong my friends. This is present day: Sunday, April 5, 2009…we’re having a blizzard!! This isn’t ordinary snow either. This is wind whipping, pelt you in the face, make you want to curl up and cry a little, snow. What a bust – it was 60 degrees on Friday! Oh Iowa, why do you make it so hard for me to love you! Ok, tirade over.


As it was our one-year anniversary today, we got to eat the top tier from our wedding cake! We got champagne cake – my absolute FAVORITE. Have you ever tried champagne cake? First of all it’s pink, so it’s a winner with me no matter what, second, most champagne cakes have a butter cream frosting that is just to-die for and third, it’s always incredibly moist and delicious.


April 5, 2008 0423-kristinben

















April 5, 2009




























We went to my parent’s house for lunch, and ate our cake for dessert. A tad frost bitten, but pretty good for a one year old cake!! My brother felt the need to carve a tunnel through the middle of the cake to get all the icing he could…mmm yeah…




For lunch my mom made feta chicken with fresh tomatoes, asparagus and my favorite oven roasted potatoes. My mom is seriously the best cook ever and never fails to whip out great dishes. She was very excited to have her lunch featured on my blog today – hi mom!




Naturally, I went back for seconds on the potatoes – they are awesome!


Also, this morning I had some cocoa roasted almonds – love these – they taste like hot chocolate in almond form :)





















One Year Ago Today…

Some Wedding Memorabilia







Also, at this time last year we were two days away from jet-setting off to Cabo San Lucas for our Honeymoon! We stayed at the Riu Palace Hotel…seriously, it was paradise. When you land at the airport in that part of Mexico you are completely surrounded by desert – cacti, dust, rocks and mountains galore. After about an hour drive, you come down a giant hill and see the ocean glittering in the distance. Oh, what a beautiful site! The section of ocean where we stayed was incredibly powerful and swimming was not advised. However, I’ve never met a rule I liked so I jumped right in as soon as we got to our hotel! I love swimming in the waves! Maybe they knew what they were talking about though, because about 10 minutes later on my way out of the ocean, I was completely blasted by a huge wave and lost my favorite sunglasses. Dang! All in all, Cabo San Lucas was a gorgeous destination, and should definitely be on anyone’s Mexico must see list!









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  1. erinbee 04.05.2009

    i just found your blog and i have to say:
    boo iowa. go illinois. [actually. i dont like
    either so much. im a california gal too.]

    the snow isnt supposed to get here until
    tomorrow. luckily until then we have some
    lovely torrential downpourage going on.

    happy anniversary!

  2. justinwise 04.05.2009

    Hey, what can I say? That was good (inner) frosting!

    Great blog. This is really good stuff… Way to go!


  3. Jen 04.06.2009

    Beautiful pictures! Reading your blog took me back a bit. Just a few years ago, my husband and I were having lunch with my parents eating the top tier of our wedding cake. Ours was a strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream – slightly frost-bitten, as well!

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  6. Anna 04.30.2010

    This makes me YEARN for the day… someday… :D

  7. Katerina 07.27.2012

    I’m not surprized) I’ve lived in Yakutiya for 18 ears. There were snowing from August till June. =)

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