Benless Monday's


ooooweeeeee I am tired!

After work I headed to the gym and spent:

  1. 20 minutes on the elliptical
  2. 5 minute warm up walk on the treadmill
  3. 3.3 mile run
  4. 5 minute cool down walk on the treadmill

It was great! My treadmill was parked in front of a giant window with sunshine beating down on me for my entire run. Soooo I was pretty much a mess by the end…sorry TMI! I told Ben that I’m lucky I’m not single, because I was not attracting anyone today! :D Oh well, what can you do!?

It’s Benless Monday today so I made my favorite sweet potato fries! Part of my sweet potato was bad though, so I only got a half batch worth – rats! The taste made up for it though – crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and perfectly spiced. Love these!


I paired my fries with a Lemon Cream Pie yogurt and a mango! I think the first whole mango I ever had was about 2 years ago – I wasted 23 years of life not knowing the joy of eating one of these puppies?! If you’ve never had a mango – go and buy one, right now…this second. They are juicy, sweet, tropical and just a downright TREAT! Sweet!



Snack tonight was a little bit of dried berries, and a mini reeses peanut butter cup. Told you they’re my fave! :)


I’m currently catching up on my Hills gossip via re-runs, as the season premiere is on tonight. Side note: Spencer is being a gross creep – what a little weasel! My wifely duties tonight include emailing Ben score updates every ten minutes on the North Carolina and Michigan State game. The Tarheels are Ben’s number one, all time favorite college basketball team and the poor guy has to work during the biggest game of the year!!

Do you get into March Madness? I actually don’t really like watching sports on tv (except for Iowa Hawkeyes Football – Go Hawks!) I much prefer to go to sporting events in person.

Oh also – check out The Hungry Yogini’s latest giveaway. A one month supply of Fage yogurt is up for grabs…yes please!

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  1. Hey, I just found your blog and it’s so cute!!!! Your outlook on food and health is honestly so perfect… eat right but also know when to indulge! :) Those sweet p fries look amazing!

  2. erin 04.07.2009

    i absolutely cannot stand spencer. I dvr’d the hills so hoping to catch up with boyfriend’s not around, he’s always on me for watching this crap! such a hypocrite, saying that steph’s boyfriend is scum for making her cry, doesn’t he make heidi cry?!

    and i did sweet potato fries last night too! sooooo good! the first time i did them, not so great, but last night, perfection!!!

  3. iowagirleats 04.07.2009

    Jessica: Thanks! You’ve got to make the SP fries sometime – so easy, and sooooo good :)

    Erin: Ugh omg he is evil!! Last night there were TWO new episodes on – did you DVR them both??? They were actually pretty decent!!

  4. Jen 04.07.2009

    Your fries look delicious!

    I love reading your blog – one of my new favorites!

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