Just Another Walking Wednesday


Say that headline to the tune of “Just Another Manic Monday,” and it’ll make more sense ;) 

So why is it Walking Wednesday? Because I’ve walked/ran 6 miles today! My mom and I walked our usual 1.5 mile loop this morning (where I seriously felt like I was in a tropical rainforest there were so many birds chirping – the title of this post was almost Birds Gone Wild!) Then during lunch I took a 2.5 mile stroll and took these pictures.



The first picture is of the beautiful state capitol building of Iowa…and maybe you’re wondering what the second picture is…yes, that’s a picture of the ever elusive Iowa winter feet! After months of being stuffed into wool socks, boots and slippers, they were soooo happy to get out! Look at them – so pale – and naked!

Miles 5 and 6 were taken to the mat when Ben and I ran 2 miles round trip down to the grocery store to pick up some last minute items for dinner. Now, I usually feel like for me personally, exercise has to be done all at once and be strenuous in order to be counted as a “workout.” But, I power walked for each session today, broke a sweat and I really do feel like I accomplished something!

So, what’s for dinner you ask? Well, I went for round two on the grill tonight with BRATS! I’m not going to lie to you – brats are not good for you. Not even a little. However, I choose the freshly made variety from the meat counter at my grocery store so I feel like there are lesser amounts of preservatives in them. Also, I usually only eat one (ok, there was that one time…family if you’re reading, move along) so I feel like its ok to have a good brat-tastic grill out now and then! When I got home from work today, I put them along with some quartered onions and three foamy beers into a big pot to soak while I headed outside to lounge on the deck in the beautiful sunshine and wait for Ben to get home. Ahhh, it was the life :)


I served the drunken brats with some mustard & sauerkraut (the ONLY way to serve brats, in my opinion,) and we also had fresh, steamed broccoli and sweet, sweet cantaloupe. Brats are so worth the calorie splurge you guys…the snap of the casing, the smoky grill taste, the tangy sauerkraut – this meal screams summer!! And that makes me happyyyyyyy!!



What’s your perfect grill menu? Mine is brats + grilled corn on the cob + grilled vegetable foil packet + grilled peach with brown sugar and whipped cream. YUM!

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  1. Meg 04.15.2009

    Six miles! Awesome! Dinner looks great!

  2. Amber 04.15.2009

    I love me some burgers!!

  3. Alison 04.15.2009

    Wow…that brat looks delicious! My favorite barbecue dish is definitely a nice brat with mustard and maybe barbecue sauce. Served with baked beans and corn on the cob.

  4. Rebeca 04.15.2009

    I totally agree on the brats… “the snap of the casing” I love the experience of eating, especially grill food because grill always equaled big family outdoor dinner at my house, with lots of laughter and love… even through my lil brother’s and my turbulent teenage years- summer grill nights were always good nights that’s my perfect grill menu- Dad at the grill making chicken for him, hot dogs for my bro and tofu for my mom and I, my bro and I snapping off asparagus stems from the yard for the grill and my mom coming out with glasses of lemonade and fruit salad for dessert

    I’m tearing up a little now :)

  5. Jen 04.16.2009

    I love to go for walks and take pictures – it is so relaxing!

    Those brats look delicious! I love to make those on the grill. When you make peaches, do you marinate them first? I have seen a few recipes for grilled peaches but have not yet given them a try.

  6. mac 04.16.2009

    All I can say is brats are the BEST summer food ever! I like them off the grill Chicago style with mustard, celery seed sprinkled on the mustard, a dill pickle spear, banana peppers, fresh tomato wedge on a hoagie bun! AND just “one” of the brats – my memory of the dinner is a little different!!!!

  7. iowagirleats 04.16.2009

    Meg: Thanks!

    Amber: Love me some cheeeeeeeeseburgers too :)

    Alison: How could I forget baked beans?! Love them!!

    Rebeca: Love it when food brings back great memories :)

    Jen: I haven’t marinated the peaches before – I just cut the peach in half, spray each half w/ Pam, (sometime I rub them w/ a little brown sugar) and then grill until soft (about 4 mins/side.) They taste amazing w/ whip cream!!

    Mac: You sneaky devil, you! I don’t know what you’re talking about… ;)

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