Surprise in the Kitchen


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late post, I was busy whipping up something very special in the kitchen :) I can’t tell you what it is until Monday…but I am psyched to share!!!!

After my repeat brat fest for lunch, I needed something a little lighter for dinner. I remembered I had some salmon in the freezer, so I thawed two filets out, marinated them in teriyaki sauce (2 parts soy sauce, 2 parts mirin, 1 part sugar) and sautéed them up in about 6 minutes!! I buy giant slabs of salmon from Costco, cut them up into 4 oz portions and freeze them. Costco actually has GREAT quality fish – it’s always suuuper fresh and doesn’t smell “fishy” – key!


I served my salmon on a bed of broccoli slaw. Have you ever had this? It’s a mix of shredded broccoli, carrots and red cabbage. It’s reeeeally, really crunchy and sometimes I like to use it in place of plain old lettuce because I like to crunch things :P I topped my salad with chopped, fresh, vine ripened tomatoes, half a ripe avocado and a sprinkle of wasabi peas! Have you ever had these? They are crunchy like corn nuts and have just a HINT of wasabi spice…fabulous! I topped the whole thing off with a drizzle of some asian sesame dressing I had in the fridge. This meal was cool, savory, crunchy, tangy & just plain fabulous! Perfectly light and just what I needed after some heavier meals the past couple of days.




Oh! I also had a blended mango, a la African Kath! I’ve had a mango ripening on my counter for awhile so it was sweet, soft and absolutely perfect for a cold blended drink. I popped the flesh of the fruit into the blender, added a splash of water, and served it in a champagne glass…cause I’m fancy like that ;) 


Ew, today I was pulling some weeds in my garden (don’t get me started, I hate gardening), and I pulled up a worm!!!! I’m definitely not a girl who’s afraid of stuff like that, but it was very shocking to see my first worm of the season. Actually, it was just gross.

Well I’m off to pack my suitcase. This girl’s going on a trip tomorrow!!!

Oh also – Ben was taking some pictures outside tonight and took this one for me, isn’t that sweet? :) I have the best husband eva.


 Good night guys!

3am Wake Up Call


You guys… At 3:00am this morning I started hearing…noises. Unrecognizable noises… something like a saw blade on metal meets Satan’s death moan meets unhuman primal screaming. I was in one of those sleep states where you’re half awake, but you still think you might be dreaming, so for about 5…

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