Green Mill Glory


Hey everybody!

Ahhhhhh – I finally made it to the gym – it was so great! I hopped right on the treadmill, ran 5.5 miles and walked 10 minutes, for a grand total of one hour spent on the dreadtreadmill.  It actually wasn’t too bad – however I SWEAT like nobody’s business! Ben was even a little afraid of me when I came home. He was like…really? Really, you’re that sweaty?? HA, yes I was! I love sweating, it makes me feel like I worked HARD!

My dinner was also motivation to get through my workout. When Ben and I lived in Minneapolis, one of our favorite places to go catch a beer during a game, head over for a Saturday lunch, or even order take out from – was the Green Mill. It’s just a bar & grille type restaurant, but something about it really clicked with Ben and I. We miss it so!

Among a great drink selection, a fabulous area for watching games and quick service, one of the main things we liked about the Green Mill was their FOOD.  In three years, we never had a meal we didn’t like. One of the dishes, I liked so much, I emailed the company for the recipe – and they gave it to me! Yes!


So what’s this dish you ask? Lemon Pepper Chicken with Artichoke Salsa. YUM! This was on the Green Mill’s “eat right” portion of the menu and it literally took seeing the recipe to convince me that this meal was not un-healthy. It is SO flavorful, so tangy & so delicious – I thought there was no way it could be a healthy meal. Thankfully, I was wrong!



I’ve modified the recipe slightly from what was given to me – I’ll post it tomorrow!

Biggest Loser time!! Final weigh in!! Ahh!!!

Tip: Ever had a meal at a restaurant that you’d just die to get the recipe for? Log onto the company’s website, find an email address for customer service…and ask for it!

Don’t wait until Friday to enter up to three times for the One Month Blogiversary Giveaway! yumyumyum!

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  1. runsarah 04.28.2009

    That is awesome they gave you the recipe!! I am excited for Biggest Loser tonight!

  2. Sharon 04.28.2009

    Oh my goth, it looks delicious!

  3. Jessica 04.29.2009

    Dinner looks amazing, beautiful pictures lady!

  4. Wow! That looks divine. When shall I be over for dinner?

  5. erin 04.29.2009

    I find it ironic that helen felt that filipe was a much bigger threat than ron! i feel like ron still has tons of weight to lose, and filipe not so much, yet i felt bad for everyone! but amazing weight losses!

    Tara ceases to amaze me– the girl just keeps winning challenge after challenge! I loved that the 3– mike, tara and helen all had their goal outfits and put them on! it was like WOWOWOW!

  6. RK 04.29.2009

    Oh my gosh!!!!! I am so excited for you to post that recipe. I couldn’t believe it when you said that it was your favorite dish at Green Mill! That is what I order every time I go there and I LOVE it. That dish is just as delicious as it looks. Please, post the recipe ASAP :)

  7. Kristin 04.29.2009

    I know – what a GREAT episode! It still just blows my mind that Ron is still in the game – unbelievable!!

  8. Kristin 04.29.2009

    Isn’t it the BEST dish!?!?! Hope you like the recipe – it’s certainly cheaper than eating at the restaurant everytime you want it!

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