Do You Like Kabobs?


I’ll never forget the first time I traveled for work. It was for my first job right out of college – I was nervous, I had no idea what to expect, I was going to be meeting people at my company’s headquarters (in Cleveland, I was living in Minneapolis) that I spoke to everyday on the phone, but had never met face to face. I was…scared!

My fears were relieved almost immediately when I stepped into that Cleveland office around lunchtime and was greeted by a really friendly guy who I found out was one of my favorite co-workers that I talked to on the phone all the time. I shook his hand, put down my bags, turn to him and he goes…”So, do you like kabobs?”


Do I like kabobs?

I guess I was expecting something like, “how was your flight?” or, “wow – it’s so good to finally put a face to a name!” But no, it was “do you like kabobs?” I was confused…then I pondered his question. “Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I do like kabobs!” I said. He answered: “Great! There’s this little middle eastern restaurant just around the corner that I want to take you to lunch at!” And that’s how my first day visiting company headquarters began!

So why am I telling you this story? Well, tonight I made…Kabobs!! BBQ chicken, zucchini, red onion and mushroom kabobs!


I love kabobs – they’re so customizable and so much fun – plus, who doesn’t like food on a stick?!

I started by marinating some cut up chicken in some BBQ sauce. Cookies BBQ sauce to be specific. This sauce was started by a guy from Iowa – shout out to Wall Lake, IA and Cookies! – and is da-bomb!

While the chicken was marinating, I cut some zucchini up in 1 inch chunks and did the same with a red onion. Then I threaded them and some mushrooms onto some wooden skewers – you can get those at any grocery store, by the way. I pulled the chicken out of the marinade and threaded them onto the same skewers.



My kabobs were originally destined for our outdoor grill, but the weather had other plans – rain! So, I busted out my trusty grill pan and used that instead!


I sprayed the pan and the veggies with some non-stick cooking spray, sprinkled them with some grill seasoning and put everything on the grill at the same time. After cooking for about 5-6 minutes a side, I served my kabobs over some whole wheat rotini, tossed with a splash of olive oil and grill seasonings.


Winner, winner chicken-kabob dinner!!! I loved the combo of BBQ sauce and grill seasoning – you couldn’t tell even a little bit that this was made on a grill pan vs the outdoor grill. It was perfectly smokey – so smokey in fact, that I had to open the back door to let the smoke out! :D



Kabobs are just so easy, so versatile and clean up is realllllly quick – you guys have to incorporate these into your summer grilling plans!!!



Ok – I literally have to DASH – the Biggest Loser Finale is on – I have been waiting ALL SEASON for this moment!!!

WHO WILL WIN?!?!? My bet is on Tara – for obvious reasons. But that Helen could shock us all!!!!! AHH!!

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  1. Darci 05.12.2009

    Mmmmm!!! You kabobs look great!! I love those things!!

    I think Tara will win too…but Mike is looking pretty thin!

  2. Alison 05.12.2009

    Wow! Those look great! I especially love grilled onions.

  3. Jen 05.12.2009

    The kabobs look wonderful… I love grilled veggies. You can’t beat the flavor you get from grilling!

  4. strivingforbalance 05.12.2009

    dinner looks great!!

    I want Mike to win tonight =]

  5. Kevin 05.12.2009

    Your supper looks freakin’ delicious! You’ve now spawned my desire to do kabobs this Saturday at my buddy’s BBQ event at his house!

  6. Lauren 05.13.2009

    Who doesn’t like kabobs? They are the perfect summer meal. You can please everyone with such a wide array of customizeable ingredigents.

    Hope your week is well.

  7. I LOVE kabobs! So simple and easy! Your pictures look great!

  8. Robin 05.13.2009

    Those look delicious, I will be doing this soon.

  9. erin 05.13.2009

    i could NOT decide who i wanted to win. I mean — there was mike who lost 207 pounds, and the dude was wearing skinny jeans! IMPRESSIVE & i kind of wanted to see his abs. dang. then helen came out, woman was smokin’ (I’m ignoring the postings on other sites that say she looks anorexic, I don’t think so at all) that’s the weight i want to be at! and Tara who’s basically won so many challenges and busted her ass to get to where she’s at…. but any one of them was so deserving! and helen was definitely the underdog!

  10. lindsmm 05.13.2009

    I definately did not think Helen would win! But she did awesome!

    Your kabobs look so pretty!!!

  11. Pavithra 05.13.2009

    wow i love grilled veggies its tempting me

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