I’ll never forget the first time I traveled for work. It was for my first job right out of college – I was nervous, I had no idea what to expect, I was going to be meeting people at my company’s headquarters (in Cleveland, I was living in Minneapolis) that I spoke to everyday on the phone, but had never met face to face. I was…scared!

My fears were relieved almost immediately when I stepped into that Cleveland office around lunchtime and was greeted by a really friendly guy who I found out was one of my favorite co-workers that I talked to on the phone all the time. I shook his hand, put down my bags, turn to him and he goes…”So, do you like kabobs?”


Do I like kabobs?

I guess I was expecting something like, “how was your flight?” or, “wow – it’s so good to finally put a face to a name!” But no, it was “do you like kabobs?” I was confused…then I pondered his question. “Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I do like kabobs!” I said. He answered: “Great! There’s this little middle eastern restaurant just around the corner that I want to take you to lunch at!” And that’s how my first day visiting company headquarters began!

So why am I telling you this story? Well, tonight I made…Kabobs!! BBQ chicken, zucchini, red onion and mushroom kabobs!



I love kabobs – they’re so customizable and so much fun – plus, who doesn’t like food on a stick?!

I started by marinating some cut up chicken in some BBQ sauce. Cookies BBQ sauce to be specific. This sauce was started by a guy from Iowa – shout out to Wall Lake, IA and Cookies! – and is da-bomb!

While the chicken was marinating, I cut some zucchini up in 1 inch chunks and did the same with a red onion. Then I threaded them and some mushrooms onto some wooden skewers – you can get those at any grocery store, by the way. I pulled the chicken out of the marinade and threaded them onto the same skewers.



My kabobs were originally destined for our outdoor grill, but the weather had other plans – rain! So, I busted out my trusty grill pan and used that instead!


I sprayed the pan and the veggies with some non-stick cooking spray, sprinkled them with some grill seasoning and put everything on the grill at the same time. After cooking for about 5-6 minutes a side, I served my kabobs over some whole wheat rotini, tossed with a splash of olive oil and grill seasonings.


Winner, winner chicken-kabob dinner!!! I loved the combo of BBQ sauce and grill seasoning – you couldn’t tell even a little bit that this was made on a grill pan vs the outdoor grill. It was perfectly smokey – so smokey in fact, that I had to open the back door to let the smoke out! :D



Kabobs are just so easy, so versatile and clean up is realllllly quick – you guys have to incorporate these into your summer grilling plans!!!



Ok – I literally have to DASH – the Biggest Loser Finale is on – I have been waiting ALL SEASON for this moment!!!

WHO WILL WIN?!?!? My bet is on Tara – for obvious reasons. But that Helen could shock us all!!!!! AHH!!