My New Exercise Calling


Well – I found my exercise calling – it’s ZUMBA! Oh…my…gosh…I had SO much fun! If you guys ever get a chance to try a class, you’ve GOT to do it! I’m a total Type A, perfectionist, slightly up-tight person (gee, I found like fun huh?) and this was my chance to just LET GO. With Zumba, you just have to – you can’t care what anyone else will think about you. Ugh – I can’t wait to go back, it was so awesome!!


So, I told you this morning that I was excited for dinner because I got a new product to try – VeggiePatch Falafel Chickpea balls!! You know I love falafel, so I was totally jazzed to try these. VeggiePatch Falafel balls are:

…fully cooked chickpea and spices ball. This traditional Mediterranean dish is flash fried and oven baked. Falafel Balls are usually used in a vegetarian sandwich. They can also be used as a side dish or appetizer. 


These are fully cooked, all natural, have 0 grams trans fat, are a good source of protein and above everything – they are DELICIOUS! They come in a nice package that you can either keep in the fridge if you’re going to eat them within a week, or you can put them in the freezer. It’s so convenient that they’re already cooked too, because all you have to do is heat them up in the microwave! Dinner was literally on the table in less than five minutes tonight (score, because I was starving after Zumba – I worked my B off!)


I purchased whole wheat flat out wraps which I placed some romaine lettuce, tomato & red onion slices on, then added my falafel balls. Finally, I drizzled it all with a sauce made from plain yogurt, chopped cucumber, garlic and onion powder, and S&P. I wrapped it all up and devoured it in no time flat – it was awesome!!


You can really taste the cilantro in these falafel balls – but it’s not too overwhelming. I also loved the ingredient list on these babies…I like to be able to pronounce the things that I eat!


If you guys see these in the freezer section at your grocery store – definitely pick some up. They’re really good to put on top of salads too, or stick a tooth pick in and call an appetizer! :D




Ok, I have GOT to hit the showers, Zumba kicked my butt and I am schweaty!

Do you guys like falafel? Have you ever tried them?! Do you think you’ll try Zumba after my rave review?!

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  1. Island Girl Eats 05.18.2009

    That looks like an awesome meal. If I see them in our freezer department I would pick them up – and duplicate your meal!!

  2. beckydy 05.18.2009

    I love falafel too! I will have to look in my local grocery store to see if they carry these. And your pictures are gorgeous.

  3. What a gorgeous dinner! I love falafel =)

    Glad you had so much fun at Zumba. I have never tried it!

  4. Kevin 05.18.2009

    Falafel is awesome. I had the opportunity to try it for the first time when I was in Iraq for my second tour. Mediterranean and Arabic foods across the board are delicious! I’m going to eat at a kabob place here pretty soon.

  5. Alison 05.18.2009

    I love falafel. Heidi Swanson posted a really interest sweet potato falafel recipe today that I want to try.

    I definitely want to try zumba. My gym doesn’t offer it, but there are some community education classes that have it. Hopefully I can find a time that works.

  6. becca 05.18.2009

    They have those at my Costco, I get them all the time. At Costco it’s twice as much for only a dollar over what it costs at my grocers. I like to make falafel salad. I use plain yogurt, s & p, dill, honey, garlic and sometimes grated onion in my dressing.

  7. Lauren 05.19.2009

    Oh my gosh I just saw these in the store but I didn’t buy them yet because I have tofu and tempeh that I am trying to use up first.

    Okay now I can’t wait to go buy these little babies!!!

    Glad you enjoyed your Zumba class.

  8. Jessica 05.21.2009

    those falafel balls look amazing, i LOVE falafel!!

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