The Perfect Couple


Presenting the perfect snack:


Just wanted to throw that out there… Goodnight everyone!

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  1. Megan 05.18.2009

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Danielle 05.18.2009

    Aw, they look like they were absolutely made for each other! ;)

  3. alice 05.19.2009

    I love this type of snacks.. I do it with Nutella and Peanut butter too. Just curious do you have a favorite brand of Almond butter? I usually just buy Trader Joes.

  4. Valerie 05.19.2009

    I just discovered Barney Butter and it is amazing! It’s my new obsession! I put it on top of the Kashi strawberry flax waffles in the morning and it keeps me full for hours.

  5. MAC 05.19.2009

    My favorite almond butter is the amazing chunky Barney Butter..haven’t found anything it isn’t good with…best taste is a crisp, tart apple and the butter!

  6. Kristin 05.19.2009

    We don’t have a trader Joe’s around here, but we have a couple of different brands at the grocery stores. I’ve actually only tried Barney Butter though! I’ll get a different brand after I’m done with my jars!

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