Good morning everyone!! Happy Birthday Dad!!


So yesterday I swapped Friday’s rest day for the scheduled 30 minute tempo run in order to get everything ready for my Dad’s birthday grill out! The menu included all of his favorites:

  • Beer Brats
  • Judy’s Baked Beans (I’m not sure who Judy is, it’s just the name of the recipe!)
  • Potato Salad
  • Fresh Corn on the Cob
  • Strawberries and Dip
  • Carrots and ranch
  • Lay’s Potato Chips
  • Pepperidge Farm Vanilla Bean Cake!

I am my Father’s daughter in many, many, MANY ways – but mostly in that we both LOVE to eat! Not only are these all of HIS favorite foods, but they’re also all of MY favorite foods! Is it all healthy? No. Delicious – oh, heck yes!! I took a small, health-conscious portion of each item and enjoyed every delectable bite.




The brats soaked in beer and onions all day and had a perfect, grill-kissed crisp char on them – my Dad likes his brats well done!


The baked beans were perfectly sweet and savory. This is one of my Mom’s oldest recipes. I used to hate them, but would give you my left foot for a serving nowadays!


Don’t even get me started on this potato salad. I can’t eat anybody else’s potato salad but my Mom’s. She has the proportions down PAT!


Nothin’ better then fresh corn on the cob!


I hate shucking corn!


Some extras:


Juicy and delicious:



You know about my deep love for this cake.  Don’t knock it until you try it – it will knock your socks off!




54 years young!




Aaaaaaand, drumroll please. We got my dad…a new bike!!!!!! I have never heard a grown man yell “WAHOO!!!!” so loud!! He was SO EXCITED – he just literally couldn’t believe his eyes and kept saying “I can’t remember the last time I got a new bike!!” It was so great!!


My dad has been using MY old bike for the last two years. I’m a 5’2 female and my Dad is a 6’2 male – you do the math!! God bless his heart though, he just loves bike riding! He’s a fifth grade teacher and when it’s nice out, he bikes to school which is about a mile away. Hopefully this trade-up will get him there a lot more efficiently!


I couldn’t have DREAMT up a better father. He’s an incredible role model, an incredible person, an incredible provider and the most supportive and generous person I know. If I told him I was going to fly to the moon, he’d ask me when I was going and how he could help. I couldn’t love anyone more!


Happy Birthday Dad!!