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Good afternoon everyone!

Glad you liked the birthday post – what a fun night we had :)

This morning I was up BRIGHT AND EARLY to come into work to get some stuff done!! Before I left though, I fueled. Banana, Apricot & Fig Oatmeal:

Picture 044

I literally sighed with happiness as I ate this bowl – there is something about this exact combo that just makes my day. It is SOOO delicious! The mix:

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup each of milk and water
  • splash of cinnamon and vanilla
  • 1 medium banana
  • 2 dried apricots
  • 2 dried figs
  • toasted coconut and almonds
  • sugar-free maple syrup

Try that exact combo – and you are guaranteed a delicious and happy morning – every time!!

Picture 047

A pocket of fruit!

Picture 046

For lunch I packed a salad!

  • Mixed greens
  • 1 large cucumber (yes the whole thing!!!)
  • carrots
  • diced pineapple
  • sliced red onion

Picture 039

So fresh and crunchy!

Picture 038

I love adding sweet things to my salads – the pineapple is the perfect addition!

Picture 037

I also packed a sliced Braeburn apple:

Picture 034

Picture 036

And some kiwi fruit! I LOVE kiwi – I think it tastes a lot like bananas…anyone else??

Picture 041

Doesn’t kiwi have those most goregous natural color? I wonder why they always say “lime green” – what about “kiwi green”?? Is the extra syllable just too much?!

Picture 040

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! It’s HOT outside – and I’m slated for a 5.15 mile run this afternoon – and I am SOOOO sore from Zumba today! I’m always more sore two days after I work out hard core, than I am the day after. Anyone else like that?

How’s the weather where you are?!

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  1. healthyfitmama 05.20.2009

    That bowl of oatmeal looks delicious!!

  2. Allison 05.20.2009

    Your figs AND your kiwi look amazing! You are making me hungry :)

  3. webgal 05.20.2009

    I’m always sore two days after a hard workout too. It seems odd.

    Love your blog! I’ve been reading for a while, but this is my first time commenting.

  4. fitbecca 05.20.2009

    Yes, I am definitely always more sore 2 days after my workouts… in fact, I can hardly walk from doing legs today, ha!

    The oatmeal looks fabulous and I haven’t gotten up the courage to add the figs or dried fruit yet. But oh how I just love sitting down with the bowl of oatmeal and diving right in.. you are right, it is just fabulous!!

  5. Rose 05.20.2009

    I love that oats combo, it reminds me to add more fresh fruit to my daily mixes.

    I am actually always sore the day after. Sometimes two days after, depending on the activity.

    The weather is gorg. here!

  6. Sharon 05.20.2009

    The weather where I am sure is gloomy. At least it isn’t snowing anymore, like it had been for two days.

  7. Emily 05.20.2009

    i just have to say, your breakfasts always look amazing.

    after a couple of kinda gray days, the sun is back here. i wish it was really hot though; i love some heat!

    enjoy your run!

  8. Valerie 05.20.2009

    I agree, I’m always more sore two later than I am the day after a really hard workout. That oatmeal looks so good! I’ll have to try it tomorrow morning.
    How was the cinnamon roll yogurt you had yesterday? I was going to buy some at the store, but I would love to know if it’s good first! The concept of it seems a little weird to me, I can’t decide if it would be really good or really gross!

  9. lindsmm 05.20.2009

    Weather here is crazy! The kids and I were outside playing tee ball in the sunshine when a crazy storm rolled in all of the sudden. It was fun to watch though!

    I love the kiwi green comment! It’s so true! I love kiwi’s too.

  10. Anne K. 05.20.2009

    Ooh that oatmeal looks incredible! What an awesome combo– I’ll have to try it :)

    Yep, I’m also more sore two days after a killer workout– my cardio kickboxing class would do that to me!

    The weather is gorgeous here :D

  11. Wow, that oatmeal looks delicious!

  12. Island Girl Eats 05.20.2009

    I love kiwi’s. But they leave such a metal taste in my mouth afterwards. Does anyone else find that?

  13. Katie 04.13.2013

    When you pack salads for lunch and don’t include a specific dressing, do you usually resort to the Kraft Olive Oil Dressing that some balsamic and perhaps soy sauce too or do you eat salads a of the time raw/no dressing?

    LOVE YOU BLOG, new to and been glancing through LOTS of your posts this Saturday (and wishing I was as scheduled and dedicated as you!)

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