I Need New Cookie Cutters


Gooood morning friends!

I’ll freely admit it…I skipped running last night to…DECORATE SUGAR COOKIES!

I started out by dying the icing:



Then…the decorating began:


Ummm, I only have major Holiday cookie cutters…so it was late winter in the Iowa Girl Eats household!


Mmmm, glossy!


Whoops, didn’t realize how much room the word “MINE” would take up…hence, “BE MIN” on the top cookie. :P


Happy Snowman…I accidently dyed all my frosting before I realized I needed white for his little body!! D’OH!!


I’ve told you all how I have a passion for cooking, but baking and “art & crafts” type activities are also a hobby of mine that I absolutely adore. I had so much fun decorating these babies! Almost as much fun as I had eating them :)

SO – looks like I’ll be running instead of resting on Thursday! Go me!

Alrighty – onto the most important meal of the day: Breakfast. What else would I have but oatmeal? This morning, I had a good ol’ fashioned bowl of oats:

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 cup water (out of milk, darnit!)
  • splash of cinnamon & almond extract
  • 1 small banana
  • toasted almonds & coconut
  • drizzle of sugar-free maple syrup
  • sprinkle of cinnamon sugar


Mmmmm, mountain of toppings!


Sometimes, simple is best:


For lunch – yep it’s really random today – I’m trying to eat some things I have laying around in the fridge:

  • Salad with chopped carrots, red onion, dried cranberries and wasabi peas (??)
  • Key Lime Pie Yoplait yogurt
  • 2 chopped kiwis
  • Sliced apple



I’ve never had this flavor, so I’ll let you know how it tastes! I like key limes…I like pie…shouldn’t be too bad!!


Contender for one of my favorite fruits:


Team kiwi green! Anyone with me?


One of my favorite snacks:


While random, this is actually a great meal for me. I don’t like to eat my whole lunch at one time – rather, I like to space things out so I get to eat longer, muwahahaha. I’ll eat my salad around 12, my kiwis probably around 1, apple around 2 and yogurt around 3. That way, I never get too hungry!


Do you eat your lunch all at once? Or do you space it out like I do? Sometimes I’m just so hungry that I gobble everything down – but most days I like to space it out!

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  1. erin 05.27.2009

    i pretty much just eat all my lunch at once. i’m a 3 meals a day kinda girl. plus the occassional dessert.

    kiwi is like a HIT and miss for me! some days I love them, other days I don’t. and the thing is, I have 5 kiwis that i need to finish before they go bad. I have a LOT of fruit to finish up. a Big bowl of watermelon, and 5 kiwis!

  2. Leah 05.27.2009

    Those cookies are absolutely adorable! The “Be Min” one made me giggle :)

    I love to space out my lunch as well, but sometimes i’m just so hungry that I like to have a nice lunch full of volume!

  3. Jessica 05.27.2009

    awww I love those cookies- so cute!!

  4. Luann 05.27.2009

    Your cookies look amazing. I’m so impressed with your frosting job. Your cookies look thick and soft too. That is how my family likes them. We roll them thick and then bake them about half the time it says. Yum. So soft. We have a “sugar cookie night” right before xmas and my entire family comes to decorate. Takes us the entire night. It used to be me mixing, rolling out, cutting, and baking, and my kiddos (and spouses as we added them) did the decorating. That was when my mom had xmas. That tradition ended a couple of years ago when her health failed and now I am the Christmas hostess. I decided that meant the mixing, rolling and cutting job would go to my oldest daughter Heidi. I brought her the cookbook with the recipe and the cookie cutters and said “They are yours now!”. Now I get to sit and decorate. I think I like that job much better! :) Do you make your own frosting from scratch?

  5. Laura 05.27.2009

    The cookies look so delicious. Yum!

    I space my lunch out too. I like being able to snack on different things throughout the afternoon.

    Also, I made oatmeal this morning (I haven’t in awhile) and it was so good. I used your idea of adding a bar and took half of my cinnamon roll larbar to crumble on top. That with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar was amazing.

  6. Anne K. 05.27.2009

    Cute cookies! They look delicious. Haha, I’m so bad at icing cookies, and the decorative side of baking. It’s pretty much a joke when I even try ;) You’re really good at it, though!

    I usually eat my lunch all at once, but have a snack during the afternoon :)

  7. Those cookies are so perfect!!!! I have never been able to ice cookies like that. I would like to learn though.
    Your bowl of oats looks amazing as always!!!!
    I like spacing my lunch foods out over time. Usually I’ll eat my sandwich and then a couple hours later ill eat my apple and PB that I bring with it. Basically I just snack throughout the day, but have one larger snack in between my other snacks.

  8. Tanja 05.27.2009


    I absolutely love your oatmeal.It looks so delicious.As an european I don’t really know oatmeal as breakfast-food but your pictures really got me animated to try it:-)Thank you,I was looking for some healthy breakfast ideas and now I know what I’m gonna try tomorrow morning.OATMEAL..here I come!;)

    Oh and I am a morning person as well as long as I get a good night of sleep before. If not I can’t do a thing the next morning:-)

  9. Graze With Me 05.27.2009

    I always space out my food, grazer that I am….

    The oats look good, I hate when I run out of milk though!

  10. Alison 05.27.2009

    I love your cookies! I can’t believe how vivid the dye makes the frosting. I usually use food coloring and it’s not nearly as good.

    I generally eat my lunch at once. If I space it out, I get extra hungry and want to eat it at once anyway.

  11. strivingforbalance 05.27.2009

    those cookies look great ! :-)


  12. Lindsey Mots 05.27.2009

    So funny…are you going to freeze them for next Valentine’s Day?!?!? You are funny.

    I LOVE Key Lime Pie yogurt. It’s the BEST flavor! I’m a HUGE fan of the Fiber 1 brand…but I know how you feel about that.

    Sadly, as a teacher I am forced to scarf down my entire lunch in a matter of minutes. Sometimes my whole lunch “break” goes by with me scurrying around my classroom doing things that need done and the next thing I know I can hear the chattering children coming back down to the classroom so I open it real quick take a few giant bites and then save the rest for after school:(

  13. Emily 05.27.2009

    sometimes cookies just have to take priority :) they are lovely!

    i’ve turned into something of a grazer, so my “lunch” is usually spread out over several parts. it’s kinda fun that way!

  14. kilax 06.13.2009

    I love your cookies, esp. the new duckies and flowers! Do buy the icing and dye it or make it at home? I try to decorate sugar cookies but mine is not as good as yours ;) http://www.ilaxstudio.com/momsurprise1_blank.jpg Yours are so pretty!

  15. Kristin 05.27.2009

    Awesome – so glad you’re going to try it! Here’s my tutorial: http://iowagirleats.wordpress.com/2009/05/04/how-to-stove-top-oatmeal/

  16. Kristin 05.27.2009

    Ooo that sounds incredible!! Nice combo!

  17. Kristin 05.27.2009

    Oooo yes – slightly undercooked cookies = bliss :D I’m liking your new ideas as hostess…frosting is the best part!! And yep, I do make my own frosting…my tip is to add almond extract. It lends an incredible flavor!

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