It was Friday, the sun was shining, the cold beer was flowing…Ben and I needed something crunchy that we could feel good about eating. Enter Swanson Certified Organic Pistachios!


These babies are unsalted, organically grown, and just pistachios. That’s it! I love “just” foods – foods that are “just” what they are…know what I mean?! Nothing added, no weird chemicals or preservatives – just what nature intended them to be.


Ben and I ate a good 3/4 of this bag in one sitting (!!) and we found one un-opened nut. They were all perfectly fresh and ready to be eaten!



I love pistachios because they take time to eat – you have to consciously crack each one open to eat – you can’t just shovel handfuls in your mouth, which is really easy to do with nuts. Trust me…


Obviously, we hated them ;)


You guys should really check these out – they were the freshest pistachios I’ve ever eaten – SUPER good eats!

Do you guys like eating nuts? I find that they’re a great snack when you need something to crunch. What’s your favorite nut?