The Sweet Smell of Butter


Good evening all!!

So, I was driving home after staying late at work – stuck in bumper to bumper traffic ( well, let’s be honest, I stopped hard twice…love me some low-key Iowa rush hour traffic!!)  – when the overwhelming urge to be served a hot and delicious meal came over me. I just knew I wasn’t in the mood to cook and I knew exactly what I wanted. Vegetarian Pad Thai from Gateway Market.


Gateway Market is a small, local market that stocks all the goodies that you don’t normally find in the bigger, national chain grocery stores. They’ve got really fresh produce, a great selection of artisanal products – and their cafe has got the best food around! My absolute favorite dish on the whole menu is the Vegetarian Pad Thai, which has chewy rice noodles, fluffy scrambled egg, marinated tofu and a whole host of other toppings and goodies!


There’s something about the specific chew of rice noodles that I absolutely adore – for some reason it’s so much more satisfying than regular pasta noodles!


Ummm this plate was seriously as big as my laptop…there are basically 6 portions in here…well, 2 in my case.


And oh, how nice, they topped it all off with my favorite herb – cilantro!


This dish – dead on. I love pad thai!!!!

HAAAAAA ok – I have to show you this too. So Ben got the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese – which really should have been named Wisconsin Mac & Butter (I had my back turned to the server and said “ooo I smell butter!!” when she was still 15 feet away and I couldn’t even see her…) anyways – LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS BOWL!!!


Start panicking now – that is a bottle cap on the side of the plate…that’s how big the bowl was!!! AHHH!!! Obviously I helped, but he couldn’t even finish half of his bowl, it was just so big…wimp… Just kidding!


All I have to say is Panko + Mac + Cheese + Butter = Heaven. It also = hitting the trail. 3.5 miles baby!!


When you go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, do you always get the same thing? Or do you try new things on the menu?

Me? Guilty. Every time I go to Gateway Market I get the Vegetarian Pad Thai…it’s too delicious to pass up!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. webgal 05.28.2009

    LOVE Gateway Market! I used to always get the Portobello Sandwich, but they took it off the menu. Boo. That Mac and Cheese looks amazing. The Pad Thai looks great too. My friend had it last time I went and she devoured almost every last bit of it. I’ll definitely be giving it a try next time.

    And the fries there are amazing.

    I do tend to get my favorite every time I go to a restaurant…but sometimes I experiment and find a new favorite.

  2. Jessica 05.28.2009

    I try to get new things at my favorite restaurants but I usually always end up at my favorite dish, why not! :)

  3. Robin 05.28.2009

    I almost always get the same thing, but lately have been trying new restaurants and menu items since cutting meat out of my diet. It has been very fun and yummy.

    That mac & cheese looks oh so good, but oh so bad for you.

  4. Anne K. 05.28.2009

    Wow, that pad thai looks amazing! GEEZ THAT MAC N CHEESE BOWL IS HUGE! At first I thought it was just a camera trick… and then I saw the bottle cap! Haha, that’s crazy. It looks really good, though!

    I’m also guilty of getting the same thing. At the vegetarian restaurant Seva, I almost always get the carribean quesadilla. It’s just sooo good!

  5. Island Girl Eats 05.28.2009

    I am soooo boring! When I find something that I like, I stick with it. At my favourite Mexican restaurant I always order the vegetarian burrito. My husbands always tells me to try something new. But what if I didn’t like it? I would be so bummed out!

  6. Taylor 05.29.2009

    I looooove Gateway Market! Everytime I pass through Des Moines on my way back home I have to stop. The Veggie Wrap is my fave but maybe next time I’ll have to try the Pad Thai :)

  7. Erin 12.31.2009

    Gateway Market and I are in love. I love their Cuban Sandwich and Potato Pepperjack Soup off the menu, but my work friends and I are OBSESSED with their homestyle Hy Vee deli-esque meals too – mammoth portions. Brisket, meat loaf, fried chicken, pulled pork, jalapeno corn, mashed taters, mac and cheese…I could go on all day about that place, and I don’t even feel that bad about eating it because I know it’s freshly made with fresh ingredients and love.

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