Good morning!

Well, I’m must report that this morning hasn’t gone as smoothly as yesterday morning did :( Rain canceled my morning mom walk and while I still got out of bed without having to snooze (yay!) it was done slowly because I could not fall asleep last night!

When I can’t fall asleep I tend to get a little panicky – like “oh my gosh, what if I don’t fall asleep until 1:00, then I’ll be tired at work, then I won’t want to run, then I’ll probably still be tired on Weds, etc. etc.” – which keeps me awake even longer…ah well – the good news is that I did, indeed, fall asleep and there is a fantastic little substance called coffee that has gotten me going today :)

For breakfast I had Coconut and Fig Oatmeal – oh oatmeal, I have missed you – I haven’t had any since last Friday!


In the mix:

Oh yum, oh yum. Simply delicious is all I can say.


Apparently the left side of the bowl is the preferred side of my oatmeal toppings :)


Call me crazy, but I just love when the syrup coats and shines on my figs…it’s pretty!


This afternoon I’m heading over to my Dad’s classroom (he teaches 5th grade) with my Mom and brothers, to judge this little “The Apprentice” type spinoff thing they’re putting on. I don’t fully understand it – but I hear there are power point presentations involved. Newsflash: 5th graders know how to use power point. CRAZY!

When I get back to work, I’ve got a very random, yet delicious lunch to look forward to:


Blueberry Oikos Greek Yogurt. I’m excited to try this one – I’ll let you know how it tastes! Oooo, I just noticed in this picture that there’s fruit on the bottom – nice! HA! Something else I just noticed – the background image is my absolute favorite image of Greece – those blue-domed homes dotting the sheer cliffs and hills looking out over the glittering sea…oh Greece…you rule.


Leftover Vegetable Stir Fry. I know, I know. This is from last Friday – but you know me, I can’t bear to pour perfectly good food down the drain! I am, however, freaking out a little about the amount of mushrooms in this container :(


Juicy and delicious cantaloupe.


Well, I hope your Tuesday is a little more bright and sunny than mine! If it is – send some of that sunshine my way!!!


Do you guys drink coffee in the morning? Throughout the day? Or are you a tea/juice or nothing at all kind of person?

I drink coffee every morning during the work week, but I can’t drink it past noon – otherwise I can’t sleep at night. For some reason, I just cannot get into tea! No matter how hard I have tried!