Revenge of the Missing Banana


HELLO friends!

Ok I’m sitting here at my kitchen table hearing the sounds of summer…a lawn mower mowing, some children laughing in the distance, the crack of a baseball bat against a baseball…wait a second…I don’t live anywhere near a baseball diamond. Why, oh why, am I hearing a metal bat repeatedly hitting a baseball?? I feel like any second something is going to come flying in at me through my back door – ahhh!!!

Flying neighborhood baseballs aside, what a gorgeous day it is here! 8) The temps have cooled off a tiny bit in the past couple of days – which is weird because is still saying it’s 75 – anyways, it’s a coooooool 75 and it feels terrific!

Well, I believe my missing banana was the cause of the extreme hunger I experienced when I got home today. I didn’t get too hungry during the day but as soon as I stepped through my front door, I wanted to eat everything in sight! I didn’t, however :) and instead got started right away on dinner!


Which was, Grilled Turkey Breasts with Steamed Broccoli and Baked Potatoes. Yum! “Ingredient” dinners vs. “Recipe” dinners are so simple and just as delicious in my opinion!

I used some grill seasoning on my turkey breasts, sautéed them on the stove for ~7 minutes a side, then finished them in a 450 degree oven for about 5 minutes. It was a bummer to use the oven, but we ran out of propane!! Therefore, my grill sat all alone tonight. I could tell it was bummed ;)


I absolutely love grilled turkey breasts – they are SO delicious and satisfying. Do you eat a lot of turkey? I think it’s often forgotten for some reason.


Steamed broccoli is a perfect side kick to any meal – don’t you think? I just popped my florets in my steamer basket for ~4 minutes and out they came – vibrant and delicious :)



Look at how gigantic these potatoes are!! They were 3/$1 and are seriously 4-serving potatoes!! FYI – I LOVE POTATOES. In all forms really…mashed, baked, scalloped, fried, totted…yes, it’s true, I have a serious weakness for Tator Tots. Super 5th grade, I know, but I can’t help it!



Fabulous meal!


Ok, I’m heading out for my 3 mile run, per my training schedule, in about 10 minutes. Can you workout after you eat? I’m usually fine to run about 15-20 minutes after I eat a small-medium sized meal…is that weird??

Have a GREAT night everyone!

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