Tips for a Great Morning


It’s BAAAAaaack! Oatmeal! Toasted Coconut & Almond Banana Oatmeal to be exact!


In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup each of old fashioned oats, skim milk & water
  • splash of vanilla & cinnamon
  • 1 medium banana
  • ~2 T toasted coconut
  • ~2 T toasted almonds
  • drizzle of sugar-free syrup


This simple oatmeal combo is so good. The crunchy almonds and coconut are the perfect contrast to the creamy banana and oats…mmmmmm :)


This should hold me over perfectly ‘til…



The fantastic thing about frittatas is that they are JUST as good cold, as they are hot!


Looks like pizza, doesn’t it?



Aren’t these the most gorgeous cherry tomatoes you’ve ever seen?


Perfect  to pop :)


You know my love for sliced Braeburn apples!



I’m actually really jazzed for this lunch – I love leftover frittatas. You could also put the frittata over a nice bed of greens for a salad…like I did here! Either way – super delish :)

You guys I have to tell you – I canceled my morning Mom walk today :( Sorry Mom!! I could not get out of bed for some reason! So, I felt this was a good time to remind myself, and share, some tips for getting your boo-tay out of bed in the mornings!

  1. If you have a timer on your coffee pot – use it! Getting out of bed is a whole lot easier when you wake up to the smell of hot, delicious coffee and you know it’s just out there waiting for you in the kitchen!
  2. Use your cell phone as an alarm and place it outside your door before you go to bed. Trust me when I say you’re going to hate your life a little when you hear your alarm and it’s not going to be on the bedside table next to you to turn off…but it will get you out of bed to go get it and turn it off!
  3. Plan to meet a friend or relative at a certain time for a walk, coffee, etc. It’s a lot harder to stay in bed when you know you’ll be letting someone down if you don’t show up!
  4. If you live with your parents, have one of them clap really loud until you get up…Ok this one is a joke – but seriously my Dad did this every Sunday to get my brothers and me up for church. 90% of me can laugh at it now, but 10% is still pretty traumatized…
  5. Just do it! Just get up – it’s hard, but honestly 5 more minutes of “snoozing” isn’t going to make that much difference in how rested you are, but it will make a difference when you’re not running 5 minutes late!

Those are my tips friends, now I just need to remember them the next time I try and cancel my walk!


Do you follow any of these tips to get out of bed? Have any others that work for you?

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  1. erin 06.09.2009

    pre boyfriend – (since i’m deaf) I had this round thing that was known as a vibrator (not that kind!) that you had to stick under the mattress and it would shake the whole bed when the alarm went off. Because of that I never EVER hit snooze growing up. I had that thing from age 10 til 26, then boyfriend came into my life. he’s my alarm clock, and he puts his hand on me to let me know the alarm clock just went off, and i always hit snooze now. hate that! i was much better about getting up before him! he’s a bad influence! (i’m also a light sleeper, so it just takes a light touch to wake me up)

  2. I personally use the cell phone across the room trick as well as setting multiple alarms. That way – I have a constant reminder to get out of bed. Also, if I think about the yummy breakfast I have planned, that is usually the fastest way to get me out haha!

  3. Rachel 06.09.2009

    haha I put my phone in the other room too! I’m not always in the best mood when I wake up, but hey, at least I’m up!

    I want your oatmeal!!!

  4. Anne K. 06.09.2009

    Delicious oats! What a fabulous combo. I need to try some coconut in my oats, yum! That fritatta looks so good, too. And wow, those are gorgeous cherry tomatos! They’re like, flawless.

    I definitely use the “just do it” method to get out of bed. And the thought of coffee and breakfast helps, too!

  5. Jess 06.09.2009

    Hi Kristin!
    Thanks for posting these tips today – it was perfect timing! After failed attempts to wake up this morning (first day back to work after a 4-day weekend and road trip) I thought to myself “I HAVE to research some ways to wake up easier in the morning”, then here are your tips!
    We have three alarms in our bedroom, plus two dogs – you would think that one of those things would work, but they do not. I can even sleep while my 15 lb dog jumps all around my head and digs at me through the covers!!
    I am going to program my coffee pot, set my cell phone alarm and plan to take a nice walk with my boyfriend and the dogs (he usually goes alone) in the morning – let’s see if that helps me!
    Another tip I read once was to have fresh flowers in your bedroom – they are supposed to make you happy and want to wake up…

  6. OMG that oatmeal looks amazing and how funny! I’m making fritatta tonight!! :)
    As for getting out of bed? Honestly, knowing I have a good breakfast ahead of me makes it a TON easier!

  7. Run Sarah 06.09.2009

    You have the prettiest oats Kristin! Number 4 made my LOL, I always had a problem getting up for church and my dad would always come in and repeatedly tell me to get out of bed! I put my cellphone in the other room so I have to get out of bed to turn it off.

  8. Kristin 06.09.2009

    That’s so neat – I’ve never heard of a bed vibrator!! It’d get me up for sure!

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