Another Sweet & Savory Winner!


Hey hey everybody – what’s shakin’?

I got out for that lunch time walk today – it was so glorious! I was fearing it was going to rain all afternoon since it was so gloomy out, but when 12:15 came around and no rain drops had fallen – I braved the clouds and ducked out for a quick 20 minute power walk. It was a total mood booster and just what I needed…score!

The rain eventually did fall, though, and as a result – it’s as humid as a mo fo around here! That didn’t stop me from hitting the trail and busting out 5 miles though! I was SO.SWEATY. I’ll spare you the details, but it was not cute. I showered up and made a sweet and juicy dinner to replenish all the liquids I lost! Fresh Berry and BBQ Chicken Spinach Salad!


Ok, yum.

First I marinated some chicken breasts in sweet and smokey BBQ sauce while I went out on my run. When I got back, I let those babies sizzle on the flat top (we’re still out of propane!!) while I washed and cut my delectable red raspberries and strawberries.



I put everything over a fluffy, green bed of spinach and drizzled with some Drunkin’ Priest Dippin’ Sauce…mmmMMMMM!!


You are probably so sick of me saying this but sweet and savory is the way to go. I feel like I’m much more satisfied after eating a combination of flavors like this!


Delish! Satisfied – yes. Still going to be looking for a dessert in awhile – absolutely. Not sure what I’ll have though…we’ll see…

By the way – you guys are totally digging the morning workouts eh?? I see we’ve got some early risers in the crowd – 4:30am wake up call to workout?? You guys are warriors!!!

Oh, also – the delicious, smooth, chocolate peanut butter coffee I was talking about the other day was Boca Java Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven coffee – it is to die for! I just love Boca Java, their awesome coffee flavors always make my mornings a little brighter :)

Oh, also!! I wrote a guest post for the Swanson Vitamin Blog! You’ve read my posts here on Iowa Girl Eats about their pistachios, figs and shredded coconut flakes…now they’ve featured a post I wrote on their almonds on the blog…can you hardly even believe it?!


Do you guys like nuts? I find a lot of people either like them or they don’t. I love them – all kinds too!

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  1. webgal 06.16.2009

    I love nuts! Haven’t found a one I don’t like.

    That salad looks amazing. I have some CSA spinach I need to use up and I’m seeing a new recipe here.

  2. Anne K. 06.16.2009

    That salad looks so summery! I love it. And oh my gosh, that coffee sounds delicious! My mom has a boca java subscription thing, I’ll have to see if she can get some.

    I like nuts, but I like nut butter more ;)

  3. Whit 06.16.2009

    That salad looks so good…I’m with you on the sweet/savory mix.

    Also, you have got me trying out morning work outs. This morning was great, let’s see how tomorrow goes…

  4. I love everything nuts.
    I did go for my first ever morning run today and it feels great! :P

  5. erin 06.17.2009

    mmmmm that looks delicious! i do like a sweet and savory mix!

  6. Pearl 06.17.2009

    salad looks delicious!

  7. That salad sounds so good! Marinated in smokey BBQ? YUM

  8. Tracy 06.17.2009

    Love, LOVE, LOOOOVE nuts!! All kinds!

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