Exercise Motivation Tips From You!


Remember last week when I asked for your tips on how to get out and exercise when you just weren’t feeling it?

Well you guys came back with some GREAT ideas and I want to share them with everyone – you guys rock!


Alison: Sometimes when I don’t want to exercise, I’ll treat myself to a bigger pre-workout snack. Or just force myself to go – I enjoy it once I’m there.

Whit: I usually try to do something a little different to mix it up and kick the funkiness out of my routine. Seems to work for me!

banana: I just started running and since I run outdoors, I have to rely on clear weather. So when I don’t feel like going for a run I remind myself of the days I feel bad when it is raining and I can’t go out even if my body craves a run.

Katrina: When I don’t feel like working out I take the night off. There is usually a reason my body is saying “no thank you, please!”

Kimberly: When I don’t feel like exercising, I usually remind myself how good I feel when I am done and that is usually enough to motivate me.

Melinda: When I don’t feel like exercising (95% of it is mental anyway), I do it anyway- I tend to push myself because I know I will feel better afterwards!:D

Sarah: I find if I don’t think about the fact I don’t want to exercise, I’m tired, hungry, etc and just start getting into my exercise gear and get out the door it works wonders!

Quinn: I normally walk the pooch a little extra longer, but if I’m really beat – I sometimes try to catch up on blogs or read a fitness blog – to at least make me feel like I’m contributing to my overall fitness well-being. Great

Kristen: when I don’t feel like exercising I just tell myself I have to do 10 minutes of something, and usually when I finish the 10 minutes I want to do more!

Niki: I usually just do it!! It helps for me if I actually have something to train for because then I REALLY feel guilty if I don’t do it. Plus I just try to remember how GREAT I always feel afterwards!!

Lauren: When I don’t feel like exercising. I either don’t…I’ll just do something that feels good…brain exercise – reading or watching a good movie. OR- get my boyfriend to go for a walk with me..or get someone to do something with me. Its harder to get myself motivated when I’m alone.


Thanks ladies – I’m definitely keeping these on hand for the next time my motivation is a little low!


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  1. Run Sarah 06.16.2009

    Thanks for sharing everyone’s tips!

  2. erin 06.16.2009

    or have the boyfriend tell you to get up and go work out. then think about it for a few minutes. then actually get up. it worked this morning! I had told him he really needs to kick me out of bed cuz i really do want to work out even if i don’t feel like it!

  3. Maria 06.16.2009

    Great tips! I try to workout first thing in the morning so I don’t have any excuses. I feel SO much better when I get my workout done for the day. A great way to start the day!

  4. Amber 06.16.2009

    Great idea to post these! Thanks for all the tips!!

    My motivation sometimes is actually thinking about my blog and my readers!! I tell them I’m training for a half-marathon so I figure I better get out and actually do it! That’s what motivates me most days :-)

  5. catiechurch 06.16.2009

    This is a great tool!

  6. Pearl 06.16.2009

    what great motivation tips – thanks for sharing!

  7. Anne K. 06.16.2009

    Great tips! Thanks for posting these :)

  8. kilax 06.16.2009

    Great tips! I really agree with banana. The way the weather has been in Chicago (all that rain, probably the same in IA!) I am so happy when I have a clear day!

  9. Melinda Pollard 06.16.2009

    Great tips! Thanks for featuring mine- I feel so special:D
    I totally love♥your blog and visit daily!

  10. Thanks for posting everyone’s tips. What Amber wrote above is so true for me, too. Blogging definitely motivates me since I feel like I am accountable to those who read my blog. :)

  11. ratzx31 06.16.2009

    when i don’t feel like exercising, i do it anyway and then i am glad i went for it. i feel that way almost all the time, and i tell myself how awful i feel (like i’m missing a part of me) whenever i skip my exercise. :P

  12. Elizabeth 06.17.2009

    Oooh, great tips! Thanks everyone!!! :)

  13. Ashley M. 02.23.2012

    I remind myself how I used to be almost 50 pounds bigger, and how only pregnancy warrants an excuse for that kind of weight gain again–yup, I’m about to go ride my bike lol!

  14. Kristin 06.16.2009

    You are special! :D

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