Good morning!

I’m feeling much better this morning since I went to bed early last night and started the day with some EXERCISE! Why should you work out when you wake up?

  • Exercising early in the morning jump starts your metabolism for the day.
  • You can go the whole day knowing you’ve already got your sweat session done.
  • Exercise gets your brain waves flowin’ – perfect for tackling early morning work or school projects!
  • By exercising first thing in the morning, stuff that usually gets in the way in the afternoon – kids, dinner, errands, etc. – won’t be a factor!

My morning Mom walk isn’t as strenuous as if I were running – but darn it, we get our arms pumping, blood flowing and the route we take is very challenging! We’re thinking about getting those weighted gloves, or getting 2 pound weights to walk with too. Yes, we’re going to be those women… Anyways, the point is, any sort of physical activity in the morning really does affect my day in a positive way!

Something else that affects my day in a positive way? An Egg & Cheese Bagel Sandwich for breakfast!


I make my sandwich with 1/2 a toasted bagel, 1 slice American cheese and 2 scrambled egg whites! Hooooly cow – this was AMAzing!!!


A whole bagel is too much for me – but a half a bagel is juuuuust right :) (I had the other half toasted and with Barney Butter last night…OMG)



For lunch today I packed a Barney Butter and Banana Wrap made with a flat-out wrap, a large banana and 2 tablespoons of Barney Butter.



Mmmmm Barney Butter…



I also packed a Key Lime Pie yogurt:


and some watermelon!


I’m all geared up to hit the road and get to work. I’ve got a super busy day today, but I’m going to make it a priority to get out at lunch and take a walk. I’ve been working through lunch and eating at my desk FAR to often these past couple of months and I always feel so much better in the afternoons when I’ve had a chance to step away, clear my head and then get back to work! Carpe Diem!


What are your thoughts on working out in the morning? Are you a fan, or would you rather take your chances and schedule your work out for the afternoon?