Workout When You Wake Up!


Good morning!

I’m feeling much better this morning since I went to bed early last night and started the day with some EXERCISE! Why should you work out when you wake up?

  • Exercising early in the morning jump starts your metabolism for the day.
  • You can go the whole day knowing you’ve already got your sweat session done.
  • Exercise gets your brain waves flowin’ – perfect for tackling early morning work or school projects!
  • By exercising first thing in the morning, stuff that usually gets in the way in the afternoon – kids, dinner, errands, etc. – won’t be a factor!

My morning Mom walk isn’t as strenuous as if I were running – but darn it, we get our arms pumping, blood flowing and the route we take is very challenging! We’re thinking about getting those weighted gloves, or getting 2 pound weights to walk with too. Yes, we’re going to be those women… Anyways, the point is, any sort of physical activity in the morning really does affect my day in a positive way!

Something else that affects my day in a positive way? An Egg & Cheese Bagel Sandwich for breakfast!


I make my sandwich with 1/2 a toasted bagel, 1 slice American cheese and 2 scrambled egg whites! Hooooly cow – this was AMAzing!!!


A whole bagel is too much for me – but a half a bagel is juuuuust right :) (I had the other half toasted and with Barney Butter last night…OMG)



For lunch today I packed a Barney Butter and Banana Wrap made with a flat-out wrap, a large banana and 2 tablespoons of Barney Butter.



Mmmmm Barney Butter…



I also packed a Key Lime Pie yogurt:


and some watermelon!


I’m all geared up to hit the road and get to work. I’ve got a super busy day today, but I’m going to make it a priority to get out at lunch and take a walk. I’ve been working through lunch and eating at my desk FAR to often these past couple of months and I always feel so much better in the afternoons when I’ve had a chance to step away, clear my head and then get back to work! Carpe Diem!


What are your thoughts on working out in the morning? Are you a fan, or would you rather take your chances and schedule your work out for the afternoon?

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  1. Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) 06.16.2009

    I definitely prefer working out in the morning. Last year, I used to get up and go to the gym at 5 every day. Now that I have a baby, I am limited to fitting in my exercise whenever I can. I definitely find that when I exercise in the afternoon though I have less motivation because I’m thinking about all of the other things I could/should be doing. When I worked out at 5 am, there wasn’t anything else to be done!

  2. Whit 06.16.2009

    If I can make myself get out of bed, I love to work out in the mornings. I had a great 3 mile run this morning! Makes your day start off so right!

  3. Jessica 06.16.2009

    I LOVE exercising in the mornings! I love to relax after a long day of work with my boyfriend so getting up early in the morning and exercising is perfect for me- a great way to start the day!

    mmm egg and cheese!

  4. lowandbhold 06.16.2009

    I really like morning workouts, but sometimes I just can’t make myself get up. I’ll go a couple of weeks when it’s easy peasy and then a couple of weeks when it’s impossible. Luckily I’m pretty consistent with my evening workouts, so unless I know for sure I’m not going to be able to get one in after work, I don’t sweat it if I oversleep!

    That bagel looked delish, bfast sammies are one of my faves!

  5. Niki 06.16.2009

    I much prefer morning workouts!! Especially running, it must be early in the day or I’m just not gonna do it! That egg and cheese bagel looks very good!!

    PS: I made your biscotti yesterday and they are excellent!!

  6. Kaye 06.16.2009

    Morning is better–get it done and feel accomplished!

  7. I HAVE to work out in the morning and absolutely love it! Even with good intentions by the end of the day it is much easier to find a reason to not work out. I love how it sets a great tone for the rest of the day!

  8. Holly 06.16.2009

    It’s strange because even though I am not a morning person at all, I LOVE to workout in the mornings! I run faster and seem to generally work out harder. It gives me so much energy, the gym is less crowded, and I’m “done” for the day!

  9. Kelly G 06.16.2009

    It makes me feel so much better mentally and physically to have it out of the way! I also think it helps me make better choices during meals since I feel so good from my workout. If I’m running though, I prefer doing that at night, I have more energy!

  10. Amanda 06.16.2009

    I am totally not a mroning person, which is why I work 7pm-7am! I find it really really hard to get out of bed, but I know I need to go to the gym so I find time to go later in the day

  11. Tracy 06.16.2009

    I definitely love morning workouts! Since I’m a mom of 4 very busy gradeschool and middle school kids, it’s also a necessity!! I’m up at 4:30a.m. most mornings and at the gym by 5:00!

  12. Jill 06.16.2009

    I have never worked out in the morning. I dont think I could get up that early. But, it would be nice to know that it is taken care of by the afternoon. I like to take kickboxing classes at night and read magazines on the stairmaster!

    I would also like to say that I really enjoy reading the blog. I get so many ideas for meals and they are usually not that difficult to make which is great for a busy lifestyle! I made the beanis dip for a party last Saturday and it was a hit!

  13. Sassy Molassy 06.16.2009

    I’m a fan! I did a 20 min run this morning with the dog and tonight I’ll do a short bike ride with the man to and from his bike race so I wanted to be sure to get a bit of a run in this morning in case tonight’s ride isn’t long enough for me, especially since I’ll be spectating during his race.

  14. Quinn 06.16.2009

    I used to love working out in the morning because it would give me the evening for making dinner, evening walks, even a happy hour! That’s when I belonged to a gym that was open 24 hours, so I could get there around 4:30. My new gym opens at 5:00, but it doesn’t give me enough time to fully use my time whilst there. Might try to get back into it soon. Good looking breakfast and lunch!

  15. Kimberly 06.16.2009

    Totally a morning workout person here. My gym is open at 5 AM and I go when they open. If I don’t do it then, I get too busy and can’t find time to go.

    That wrap looks great!

  16. Emily 06.16.2009

    I always work out first thing in the morning. Best way to start the day! And there’s nothing like running while the sun comes up. Sometimes I do some yoga or strength work later in the day, if I don’t have time after my AM run.

    Love the look of that banana wrap!

  17. Amber 06.16.2009

    I LOVE working out in the morning, it’s the getting out of bed part I have trouble with!

    If I get my workout over with in the morning I feel better for the whole day! Today I got up and did yoga before work and I’m so glad I did because I feel GREAT now!

  18. Island Girl Eats 06.16.2009

    I much prefer to run early in the morning. It is such a great way for me to start the day. It makes me so HAPPY too! Another thing that would make me happy? That bagel that you had this morning – yummy!

  19. Ever since I started running this month, all my runs were in the evening. Today, I went out for a morning run for the first time. It was great and I’ll do this again whenever I wake up early and to break the monotony of the evening runs.
    Cheesy Bagel, YUM. :D

  20. Megan 06.16.2009

    I’m a huge fan of your blog, Kristin! Sorry I am late on responding, just wanted to chime in on the working ou in the morning. I love working out in the morning since it gets me going for the day and I feel like I got it out of the way. I also can never get out of work at a reasonable hour, so I definitely cannot count on any time after work. I get up to work out at 4:00 am and that works for me! I’m lucky that I have a treadmill and weights in my basement so I am not tied to gym hours.
    Anyway, LOVE the blog! Your photos are amazing. I hate cheese and your pictures almost make me want to eat some!

  21. Lauren 06.16.2009

    I definitely agree with you- I feel so much better when I actually step away from my desk and take a real “break” for lunch.

    I love walking over lunch too-it makes such a difference in how I feel for the rest of the afternoon. Definitely helps combat the after-lunch slump I always seem to get at work.

    Yuck, I hate that feeling! :)

    Glad you feel better today hun!

  22. Tamara 07.01.2009

    Hi, I love your website but I was wondering if you or anyone had any ideas on getting myself to workout in the mornings. I don’t have a problem getting up and out of bed early it is just the fact of going to workout rather than starting my shower and everything first instead. Thanks!

  23. Alicia M 05.27.2010

    I am finding that I like working out in the morning than at night. At night I find excuses. Though so far every night I’ve been dragging my mom out for walks after dinner. I still am waiting to find out what is wrong with my knee. But until then, I’ve been doing yoga in the morning and at night. Very zen, but I can’t wait to get back to training again for my marathon.

  24. Kristin 06.16.2009

    Thanks so much Jill – so glad you’re reading – and so glad the Beanis was a hit!!!

  25. Kristin 06.16.2009

    Yay! Glad they worked out for you!!

  26. Kristin 06.17.2009

    Thanks Megan – what nice things to say!! Thanks for reading! Lucky girl that you have a treadmill in the house – life changing!

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