Good morning everyone!! Welcome to your week – it’s going to be another scorcher! I got up early this morning so I can go to work and sit in the glorious air conditioning :) It will be ohhh-sooo-niiiice!!

For breakfast this morning I had something that totally beat the heat – Raspberry Yogurt Fauxmeal! Fauxmeal because this totally resembled my usual morning oatmeal!

Picture 056

My bowl had:

  • Raspberry Vanilla yogurt
  • 1 sliced banana
  • sprinkling of almonds

This was exactly what I needed – cool and refreshing :)  

Picture 060

While incredibly delicious, this was a weird eating experience. Since the toppings are something that I usually put in my oatmeal, I kept thinking my spoonful was going to taste like oatmeal, but nope, it was yogurt :)

Picture 058

For lunch I decided to eat my spinach instead of drink it! I packed a giant spinach salad with some leftover grilled corn:

Picture 050

Picture 052b

I also packed some leftover pasta salad:

Picture 048

Picture 049

And, standard, a delicious, crispy, cool Braeburn apple :)

Picture 064

So, the past couple of weeks I’ve been super busy and haven’t been following my training schedule as well as I should – therefore I’m going to repeat the last two weeks. So for week 7, I’ll be doing week 5’s mileage – the updated schedule can be found here – just scroll to the bottom! On tap for today – 4 miles. Here’s to getting back on track!!

Alright friends I’m off – destination: somewhere with AC. Today’s high heat + humidity levels are calling for a heat advisory across the state. Stay cool wherever you are, drink plenty of liquids and stay out of the heat!!


Someone asked me last week if my eating habits change when the temperatures rise. They definitely do. When it’s super hot out, I’m a little listless and kind of lose my appetite. When that happens, I make sure to number one – still eat – otherwise I get really cranky and even more listless – and I find myself turning towards cooler foods like yogurt, cold fruit, smoothies, etc.

What about you? Do your eating habits change depending on the weather?

Have a wonderful start to your week everyone!