Real Simple & PURE Bar Giveaway – 6 Packages to Win!


***Entry to the Real Simple + PURE Bar Giveaway is now closed***

That’s right – Real Simple & PURE Bar have provided some excellent items for an Iowa Girl Eats giveaway! Bonus – there are 6 packages to win!

One Grand Prize Winner will receive:


1. Copy of Real Simple Magazine featuring:

  • 20-minute, delicious meals for any night of the week
  • New uses for old things
  • Which foods can’t be frozen
  • Five women and their style muses


2. Magnetic To-Do & To-Buy Notepad


3. Two Multi-purpose Bags. Which can be used to:

  • Place a bottle of wine in for a stylish hostess gift
  • Protect and store away favorite handbags and clutches
  • Keep portable electronics (and their cords & chargers) in one place while traveling
  • Tote an extra pair of shoes to the office or on vacation


4. Memo Sheet Mousepad


5. Leather Photo Organizer with Swing Out Picture Sleeves


6. Three Pure Bars!

IMG_3649 IMG_3650




Five additional winners will each win a copy of Real Simple Magazine and a PURE bar!



Enter to win up to three times by doing any or all of the following:

1. Leave me a comment telling me which item you’d like the most out of the Real Simple + PURE Bar giveaway package.

2. If you have a blog, mention this giveaway in one of your posts and email me at to let me know (if you don’t have a blog, send me an email as a second entry.)

3. Add, to your blogroll and let me know when you’ve done so. If you already have me on your blogroll, email me and you will be entered a third time!


The giveaway will be closed on Friday @ 1:00pm Central. Contest is open to US residents only (sorry International friends, you know I love you deeply though!!!)

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Kristilyn 06.24.2009

    Love this!! I don’t even know if we can get Pure bars in Canada, but I’d love to try them. And I am a HUGE fan of Real Simple … all the suggestions in it are real, well, simple! LOL!


  2. Kristilyn 06.24.2009

    Oh drat, just read that it’s not open to Canadians! Oh well. :-(


  3. Heather 06.24.2009

    I would love to try the Pure Bar! And I love Real Simple!

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  5. Look at my link above, and the product I would most like to try is prob all those Real Simple organizers. I love me some Real Simple!

  6. erika 06.24.2009

    I love the To Do list, I am constantly making lists so I can cross stuff OFF!

  7. Jill 06.24.2009

    I would have to say that the Pure Bars interest me the most. I love to try new, healthy treats!

  8. Holly 06.24.2009

    I’d SO use the to do/to buy list. I use crappy notebook paper taped to my fridge!!

  9. Sarah 06.24.2009

    I love Real Simple magazine and would love to check out this issue and the To Do Lists! Whenever I read Real Simple I get motivated to get organized!

  10. Sara 06.24.2009

    Hmm….it all looks fun, but I have to say, I love Real Simple Mag!

  11. Jill 06.24.2009

    I would totally enjoy having that magazine. It’s such a great read!!! pick me-pick me :)

  12. Laura 06.24.2009

    Great giveaway! I would love to win the notepad! I’ve seen it in Target but have too cheap to pay the $6.99 or whatever it is for it!

  13. Lexi 06.24.2009

    oh how fun! I think that the to do/to buy list looks good, and would be so helpful to me, bc I am always writing myself little notes on scraps of paper, and then losing them!

  14. Lexi 06.24.2009

    I am a follower of your blog, I assume that is the same as the blogroll?

  15. gretchen 06.24.2009

    i haven’t tried pure bars yet and would love to!

  16. webgal 06.24.2009

    Oh great giveaway….hard to pick. I think maybe the Real Simple magazine!

  17. Lauren A. 06.24.2009

    i love the magnetic to-do and to-buy list. i am a list queen! and if i don’t write it down, i forget!

    thank you!

  18. Rose 06.24.2009

    I need the to-do list in a serious way!

  19. Lauren 06.24.2009

    Thanks for having this giveaway! I’d most like to try the blueberry Pure Bar, and I’d really like the cute leather photo organizer.

  20. Tay 06.24.2009

    That organizer looks super cute!! And I really want to try the bars!

  21. Natalie M 06.24.2009

    oh my gosh, i love everything in this giveaway! i’ve never had pure bars so i’d love those…but i’m a huge fan of organization so i also love the note pad and mousepad…and i want those bags!! :)

    GREAT giveaway! thank you!

  22. Tay 06.24.2009

    You are now added to my blogroll as well :-)

  23. Johanna B 06.24.2009

    I would most love the PUR bars. I tried one a few weeks ago and now I can’t find them anywhere. Veggie Girl rates PUR bars higher thatn Lara Bars and that’s saying something!

  24. lowandbhold 06.24.2009

    I loooove totes! The bags look super cute! Also would be very excited to try the Pure bars since I’ve never had one!

  25. April 06.24.2009

    I would love to try the Pure Bars! I have been searching high and low and have not been able to find them anywhere. Thanks for having the contest!

  26. Beth 06.24.2009

    I already have the magazine, but would love to try the Real Simple notepad and organizers. Of course, I love food (the reason I started reading your blog) so trying a new snack, the Pure bar, would be awesome.

  27. What an amazing giveaway! All of that stuff looks so cool. Pure bars…MMmmmm!!!

  28. Kelly Happy Texan 06.24.2009

    Cool! I want that magazine. I have a fetish for magazines. :)

    I’m adding a link back to yuor giveaway in my post tonight. (promise)

    You’re already on my blogroll. :)

  29. Robin 06.24.2009

    I would love the magazine!

  30. Kelsey 06.24.2009

    I vote multi purpose bagssssss!

  31. Holly 06.24.2009

    I’ve had a Pure Bar (I wish I could afford them all the time!!!) and it was SO good.

    I’m linking you back to my next post and added ya to my blog roll. :-)

  32. Becca 06.24.2009

    I love the to-do lists! I hope I win!

  33. Amanda 06.24.2009

    I would love the to-do list and the pure bars actually!

  34. Yasmin 06.24.2009

    I’ve been hearing great things about that chocolate brownie pure bar :) And I read Real Simple religiously!

  35. Kayla 06.24.2009

    Definitely want the multi purpose bags, I have a major thing for bags.

  36. Amber 06.24.2009

    Great giveaway!

    I would want the magnetic to-do and grocery list giveaway the most!! I don’t have a specific grocery list thing so it’s always getting wrote on scrap paper, post-its etc!

  37. Sarah 06.24.2009

    Wow! Great giveaway–I think it’s a toss up between the pure bars and the bags. I just love bags!

  38. Katie 06.24.2009

    Sweet!! I’d love a Pure Bar! I can’t seem to find them in my rural area!

  39. Niki 06.24.2009

    I would love the magazine! Never read Real Simple before!

  40. Liz 06.24.2009

    Hi Kristin,
    Sadly I have no blog, but I LOVE yours! I went to college in Iowa so it brings back great memories. Of the giveaway, I’d most want the magazine actually, b/c I’ve been trying to find a good SPF and I see there’s a cover article on it. Thanks!

  41. Cate 06.24.2009

    thanks for the awesome giveaway!! id love the magazine or to try the pure bars:)

  42. Cara 06.24.2009

    I already get the magazine but I can’t resist an adorable bag!

  43. Lauren 06.24.2009

    Hey Kristin!
    I would love to try the pure bar’s. I’ve seen them compared to lara bars and they look great!

  44. Chelsea 06.24.2009

    i would love to try the purbars!!!

  45. Ally 06.24.2009

    I would love to try the Pure Bars & I just started a new job in addition to part time grad school, so some quick meal ideas would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Donna 06.24.2009

    Hmmm… i would have to go with the to-do/buy list pad. I thrive on making lists for everything!!! Thanks for the give-away chance!

  47. bee 06.24.2009

    My pick would have to be a copy of the magazine itself. It would be great to get quick meal ideas. Oh and the To Do/To Buy notepad to write my shopping list on would be awesome too :)

  48. Taylor 06.24.2009

    i’ve been dying to try the pure bars i see everywhere in blogland!

  49. Brooke Price 06.24.2009

    The pure bar and magazine. I LOVE the magazine but can’t really fit it into my budget. I always hope to find it at the gym laying around and then work out for a long time so I can read it :) Bars are always fun. Love the blog. Thanks. B

  50. RunToFinish 06.24.2009

    wow so glad I just found your site, first my hubs is from Iowa so I love hearing other people talk about it, but hey this a great giveaway too!

    I haven’t tried pure bar yet and really am dying to!!

    I’ve got a fun giveaway going to for Amazing Grass, so stop by!

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