Greetings everyone!

Wow – Chicago was epic… Ladies weekend was so much fun, as weekends spent with your best friends tend to be!!! Photo re-cap:

Driving into the city – the dark building is the Sears Tower, the tallest building in North America!


After we reached my friend’s place, we headed to a little coffee shop/bar called the Map Room. They have beers from ALLL over the world – awesome! I stayed domestic though and got an Anchor Steam from San Francisco. Ben and I first had these when we went to San Fran in early March and fell in love with them. They are so tasty!



Mmm delicious!

IMG_4395 IMG_4396

After our thirst was quenched, we went shopping :) I got a few dresses that I just loved! Then we headed back to my friend’s apartment for some apps and a light dinner. On the menu:

  • Milk and dark chocolate covered almonds
  • Gouda, pepper jack and laughing cow cheeses with sun-dried tomato Triscuits – which I’m not kidding you, are one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my entire life!!!
  • Veggie croissant pizza

 IMG_4400 IMG_4402 IMG_4403

Look at that wine bottle cover – it’s a KIMONO!! My friend got it for me for my birthday – isn’t that sweet? :) Seriously – you all must realize now how much I love Japan, after literally all of my birthday presents were Japanese themed :)


The pizza was made by rolling out a package of crescent rolls and baking it as one big pizza crust. After it cools, you spread it with some cream cheese mixed with a little ranch dip seasoning mix, and top with some fresh veggies. SUCH a tasty and easy appetizer that you can feel good about eating!


Finally – SANGRIA!!! There were peaches, apples & blueberries in our drinks – so refreshing, sweet and perfect for a hot summer night :)


At this point, I was ready…


Ready for BLURT!!! You had to know I would bring it with me…guess who won?


After a couple glasses of Sangria and shouting over BLURT!, we headed out into the warm Chicago night and had ourselves a blast :D


On Saturday morning we got up and did some MORE shopping! Hey – it’s a mandatory ladies weekend activity, if you ask me :) First stop was the most incredible little spa boutique – Mojo Spa. If you live in Chicago you have GOT to stop here.


They sell a ton of products that look and smell like desserts – AMAZING!

 IMG_4451 IMG_4450 IMG_4448

After slathering ourselves with chocolate truffle lotion and vanilla gingerbread cream, we headed to quite possibly the most amazing brunch location I have ever been to – The Bongo Room.


This place was INSANE. They specialize in decadent and whimsical pancake creations like Nestle Crunch Banana Pancakes and White Chocolate & Caramel Covered Pretzel Pancakes!! With so much to choose from…we had to get coffee while we mulled over our decision :)


Then we decided that we HAD to get the 4 Berry & White Chocolate Cheesecake Flapjacks. Ummmm – these were GRAHM CRACKER crusted pancakes that were covered in a white chocolate cream cheese sauce and drizzled with a berry coulis. This was literally one of the best things I have ever eaten!!!


We also got a Breakfast Burrito that combined eggs & guacamole – which turned out to be the most inspiring combination ever. Delish!


Finally, we ordered a BLT Benedict that was light, flavorful and perfectly savory!


Honestly – this is the best shot I could come up with because everything looked so delicious and we were so hungry…we POUNCED on these babies.


Aaaaand we DESTROYED everything!!! I was laughing so hard taking this picture. This was one of those meals where nobody’s talking because everyone is too busy EATING! The Bongo Room was incredible – you have got to go if you’re in Chicago!


After brunch, we walked around the city to burn a few cals, shopped a little more AND WENT TO TRADER JOES & WHOLE FOODS!!! I was a giddy 4 year old child…these two places are like Disney Land for me!


Look at this Whole Foods! It was seriously the size of a shopping mall – are you friggin’ kidding me…




View of the city from the top of Whole Foods!


After spending a substantial amount of time at these two places, my friends finally tore me away so we could go get ready for our night. Which started with…Cocktails at the Signature Lounge in the Hancock Building!





A well kept secret (well, not now) is that the best views of the city of Chicago can be found in the women’s restroom at the Signature Lounge of the Hancock building. Well – it’s TRUE! Look at this!



Navy Pier!


Absolutely incredible. It was so funny – every women in the bathroom whipped out their camera before they left, to take the same pics!

After cocktails we headed to dinner at Angels & Mariachis – an awesome Mexican Restaurant in Wicker Park!


My friend and I split the taco salad which was so light and had a TON of fresh tomato, corn and black bean relish. Sweet!



After dinner we headed over to another friends place to do some pullups:


Then went out and had ourselves a fantastic night!


Wow – that was a long recap – we did so much in just two days! Thanks to my friends for hosting a great memory and fun filled weekend. I think girlfriends are such an important thing in a woman’s life and I’m lucky to have the best of them!!!

Signing off for the evening – talk to you all tomorrow!