Three Question Thursday: Summer Edition!


Good morning guys!

WHEW – feeling GOOD this morning! It is so nice outside and I got a morning work out in! After my Mom walk, I circled our walk route two more times for a total of 4.5 miles. (1.5 walked with my Mom, 3 running). I literally cannot express to you how awesome it feels to have a workout done and checked off my list before 7am – wheee!!! I even ran it a little faster than normal because for awhile there was a guy running the same route as me but on the other side of the street, and I didn’t want to let him pass me. I don’t know why, but I hate getting passed! He eventually turned a corner, so the game ended :)

Seeing as how I always get super hungry after a morning workout, I pumped up the protein and healthy fats for breakfast, and made an Almond Butter English Muffin & Cantaloupe.


I used my Trader Joe’s almond butter and put a big scoop of it on each EM half.


This almond butter is so sticky, thick and satisfying. Have you ever used the “grind your own” almond/peanut butter station at Whole Foods? I’m dying to try it…



On the side: some juicy cantaloupe. These babies were $1.88 at the grocery store – love that!


For lunch today, I was inspired by a fellow Iowa blogger and made a Pepper Jack, Turkey & Broccoli Wrap! What a fab combo!


  • 2 slices pepper jack cheese
  • Couple slices of roasted, deli turkey
  • Broccoli
  • Flat Out Wrap



AND – look ma – no lentils! That’s right, for the first time since Monday, I haven’t had lentils in my lunch! I will miss them dearly… ;)




I also packed a cool and creamy yogurt :)


Yowza, better get to work – another big day today! Stay tuned this evening for a fabulous dessert involving a frozen banana and a food processor…CAN’T WAIT!!!


Seeing as how we are currently in the THICK of summer, today’s Three Question Thursday questions are inspired by just that – SUMMER! :D

1. What’s your favorite part about summer? Spending time at the pool/lake/ocean? Amazing weather? Summer grill-outs?

2. Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid?

3. What’s your favorite summer vacation to date?


My answers:

1. My favorite thing about the summer is, hands down, the weather!!! Living in the Midwest, you certainly grow to appreciate any temperatures above 60. Also, the fabulous weather lets me do other amazing things like go to outdoor concerts, go fishing and run outside to my hearts content!

2. Heeeeeck yeah I did! My favorite was “Horse Camp” where we were all assigned a horse to ride and take care of for the week. Mine was named Brownie and was just a little bigger than a pony, due to the fact that I was the shortest kid there…rats! Other favorite camp memories included “Tennis Camp” and the summer I was a camp counselor in Japan!

3. Without a doubt, my favorite summer “vacation” (I was actually a camp counselor on an army base) was the one spent in Japan. Insane, memories that will last a lifetime, I want to go back…now. I will however, never forget the vacations my family took every summer to visit our extended family in Ohio. 2 adults, 3 kids, 1 van, 12 hour drive = pure torture, but seeing our family was the BEST!!!

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  1. MAC 07.16.2009

    Best thing about summer??sitting in my perfect backyard under the trees and laying on the hammock!!

    Camp Kewantani – campfire girl camp for at least 7 years in a row!!!

    Favorite summer vacation(s) has to be all of us (2 adults, 3 kids + A DOG) to Oglebay Park in Wheeling, West Virginia!!!! with ALL the extended family, cousins, aunts, uncles, in a cabin for a week at a time!!!!

  2. Lisa 07.16.2009

    1. The weather (totally agree w/ you on that!) and spending weekends at my parents lake cabin.

    2. I embarassingly went to Band Camp when I was in my Jr High years… I did really love it, though, even though it is such a dorky thing!

    3. Best summer ‘vacation’ was the summer I spent working in Steamboat Spring, CO. Not really a vacation since I worked, but I got to do so many fun things when I wasn’t working, so it kind of felt like one big vacation! I’d love to own a vacation home there someday!

  3. Kayla 07.16.2009

    That wrap looks awesome, so have to remember that!

    – Fav thing about summer is grilling out or playing in the pool with my bff’s kids.

    – I went to Girl Scout camp one year, I hated it. :)

    – Orlando for sure. I looooove that city and actually wanted to move there for a while :) I think my fav would be the year we (parents and I) went to Universal Studio for the first time, so much fun!

  4. Tina 07.16.2009

    Thanks for the shout out!! Hope you like the wrap!! I made mine last night with American cheese but I am going to try it with pepper jack next time! I love pepper jack cheese!

    My favorite thing about the summer is spending time up at the lake- Okoboji!! I have the best memories from my weekend up there!

    Never went to camp as a kid! WAY to scared to stay away from home!! :(

    We always spent summers at the lake but, I would say my favorite summer vacations were when I was in college and high school and could actually enjoy them!!

  5. Whit 07.16.2009

    1. What’s your favorite part about summer? Spending time at the pool/lake/ocean? Amazing weather? Summer grill-outs?
    Weather, my bday and lake time! In that order.

    2. Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid?
    No summer camp for this deprived and homeschooled freak.

    3. What’s your favorite summer vacation to date
    Any beach trip with my girls. Holla!

    I have been doing morning workouts of late, and must say THERE IS NO FEELING like that of conquering Jillian before breakfast. NOTHING. :)

  6. Tina 07.16.2009

    Thanks for the shout out!!! Hope you like the wrap!! I am going to try my next one with Peper Jack cheese! I love pepper jack!! :)

  7. brandi 07.16.2009

    awesome wrap idea!

    1. The weather, for sure and all the fresh produce I can get here.

    2. Yup! Church camp was fun.

    3. All the summer vacays to Nags Head with my family were good. Lots of fun memories.

  8. Calee 07.16.2009

    Have you ever tried Maranatha’s no-stir almond butter? That one is my favorite. I can only find it at Campbells in DSM. I’ve tried so many others… and most are so expensive and a lot of them end up being too salty for my taste. The no-stir is awesome because it’s in the lower price-range and well, it’s no-stir… and it’s not salty. :)

    Also… I miss broccoli. My tummeh and broccoli a falling out (um, no gross pun intended) several years back and I just can’t eat it anymore. It’s sad. :( I’m envious of your lunch.

  9. Tina 07.16.2009

    Thanks for the should out!! I will be sure to try pepper jack next time!! Hope you like the wrap!! :)

  10. Ruth 07.16.2009

    I’ve always wanted to try that at Whole Foods too! Your food looks great. I am going to have to try the turkey and broccoli wrap for lunch!

  11. Tracy 07.16.2009

    The grind-your-own peanut butter at WF is awesome, but now I make my own in my Blendtec blender. You should try it in your food processor. I love to customize mine…right now my fav combo is Honey Almond Butter with Flax. Sooo good and fresh tasting!!

    1. My kids are out of school!

    2. I went to a YMCA “horse camp” too. Mine sounded a lot like yours. Loved it!

    3. I love Colorado vacations in the summer!! I love how it’s always an active vacation: lots of hiking, horseback riding and biking. And it’s a nice cooler weather break from the heat and humidity in Kansas City!!

  12. Allison 07.16.2009

    That wrap looks absolutely DIVINE!

  13. Niki 07.16.2009

    The wrap looks great!!

    1. The lake is definitely my favorite part about summer!! Wakeboarding and seeing my family!!
    2. I went to a lot of church camps in the summers of middle and high school! Loved them all, especially the times we got to go white water rafting!!
    3. I would say my favorite summer vacation is either Destin, FL with my family or Disney World with my friends after we graduated high school!!

  14. Hey there — Just wanted to say how great your food photos are!

  15. Sheri 07.16.2009

    I used the grind your own AB and CB at my Whole Foods (which happens to be the one you visited this past weekend). I love it! And now I’m dying to try those lentils from Trader Joes!

  16. Evan Thomas 07.16.2009

    1. Definitely grilling. Ever since I learned how to grill I haven’t stopped

    2. I went to a few but I always hated them and skipped half the days(oops)

    3. I used to go down to Florida to Long Boat Key to spend a week with family friends. We haven’t done it in 4 years but might this summer and I am so excited.

  17. Anne K. 07.16.2009

    Great job on the early morning workout, and that AB looks fantastic. I need to pick up some of that!

    1) The time away from school and spent with family and friends!

    2) Haha, ohhhh yes. Music camps every summer for both violin and harp. Sometimes 2-3 in a summer for music. I also went to horse-back riding camps, and a few school-related ones.

    3) Going to the Smoky Mountains with my family. I loved the hikes, the scenery, white water rafting, and it was so fun!

  18. nutritionbyeve 07.16.2009

    1) The weather! And summer events in Central Park such ad Philharmonic in the Park
    2) Yes – I went to day camp in Westchester, NY and then went to sleepaway camp for many years in the Adirondack Mountains
    3) I’ve been on a lot of great summer trips – but this past one in France & Italy was amazing. Check out my blog to see some recaps (i’m still working on them!).

  19. Lauren 07.16.2009

    Hey Kristin,

    Sorry for all of the food questions lately, but I was curious about the lentils you speak so highly of. Do you cook them before you add them to your salads or eat them raw? Just curious, I’ve never had them before.

    Hope you have a great day gal!

  20. April 07.16.2009

    I have used the peanut grinder at whole foods and it’s awesome! Go with the honey roasted nuts!

  21. Kailey 07.16.2009

    wow I loved that you added broccoli to your wrap!! I will have to try that asap!

  22. Jill 07.16.2009

    I am wondering what time you go to bed and what time you get up each day? It seems like I never have as much time as you (or you are just better at getting things accomplished! :) )

  23. Pamela 07.16.2009

    1. Outdoor farmers markets; outdoor concerts; and great food and wine!

    2. Yes – Camp Tuckabatchee! (Ottawa, Ill.) Picture the camp from The Parent Trap (original version).

    3. Would have to be either the summer when my parents took us to explore the Michigan UP, or the summer when we drove down to Gatlinburg, Tenn. (Hello Dollywood!)

  24. Mandy 07.16.2009

    I must find those wraps. Is “Flat Out” the brand name?

    I love summer because I love sunshine and warm weather…I do not like being cold. It makes me achey.

    I did not do summer camps, but I’ve sent my daughter to a few day camps. I am not ready for the overnight committment. She is going to a “Women in Engineering” next summer.

    Best summer vacation was to the Georgia Coast…a small chain of islands including St. Simon’s, Jeckyll Island and others. Beautiful. There is also a National Park nearby, Cumberland Island….Georgia…you are on my mind!

  25. Megan 07.16.2009

    1. The weather and lots of time at the shore!

    2. Haven’t thought about summer camp in forever – way to bring back good memories, Kirstin! :) I went to all kinds of soccer camps as a kid and always had tons of fun with my teammates. It was always so hot though!!

    3. Wow, good one. Probably going to CA with my family when I was 8 or so. We went to Disneyland and San Francisco and the whole trip was just magical to me. :)

  26. Kimberly 07.16.2009

    Love TJ’s AB!! YUM!!!

    1. Favorite thing about suppmer is the weather & going to the beach for 2 weeks in June.

    2. I didn’t go to summer camp as a kid, but would have liked to. I did a gymnastics camp for a week each year, but it was a day camp, no overnights.

    3. My favorite vacation was when my family went to Kennebunkport, ME and stayed in this adorable little cabin. It was in such a deserted, quiet area. It was so peaceful. I was 12 and I remember this like it was yesterday. No TV, no phone….just reading & relaxing on the beach.

  27. organicglamourgirl 07.16.2009

    1. My favorite thing about summer is the extra DAYLIGHT!!! I get so much more accomplished. I live in Ohio and in the thick of winter I can leave for work in the dark and come home to work in the dark–and I work 8am to 6pm. So I love having 3 plus hours of sunshine after work!

    2. I have never been to camp! Other than band camp in Highschool….and maybe a bible camp–but you actually came home every night so it wouldn’t really be “away from home pack your bags” type of camp.

    3. My favorite summer vacation in Myrtle Beach. My family went there without fail every summer, and I have really good memories at the beach.

  28. Angharad 07.16.2009

    That wrap looks so good! I’ve never thought to put something as bulky as brocoli inside – you didn’t find it ripped the wrap?

    1. I’m with you on the Midwest/weather thing! Definitely the heat and sunshine and the results of that, including running outdoors, swimming outdoors and lying on the beach. Yay!

    2. I went a couple times to this rad camp in England where we did archery, rock climbing, abseiling, orienteering and all sorts of other awesome stuff. Way fun!

    3. When I was 17 I spent two weeks in the south of france sailing with my parents, my best friend and my brother followed by two weeks in the British Virgin Islands! It was basically the best summer ever! It was my first ‘tropical’ vacation and I fell in love!

  29. Lindsey Mots 07.16.2009

    1. HEAT
    2. Y-camp!
    3. VEGAS BABY!!! Hubby and I go every summer:)

  30. Katharina 07.16.2009

    It’s so funny when you’re running around another runner. It’s like.. you know they’re there, they know you’re there – and both are secretly trying to outrun the other without being obvious.

    You should try pepper jack with apple butter! I’m telling you it’s awesome!!!

    1. I love how people just seem to be in a better mood and more comfortable during the summertime. Something about it just sparks adventure and some of the best memories are made during the summer.

    2. Yesss I went to soo many summer camps! Although one summer I went to beauty school instead.

    3. Let’s see.. best summer vacation to date was when me and the family went to Paris, London, and my hometown in Germany (Bremen). I wish I could elaborate, but I would be writing the longest comment ever then.

    Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow :)

  31. broccolihut 07.16.2009

    Lovin the broccoli representation in this post!
    My favorite part of summer is being able to read for pleasure–something I never get to do while I’m away at school!

  32. theskinnyplate 07.17.2009

    Broccoli in wraps is a good idea. I always seem to use either lettuce or spinach.

    1. I love the longer summer days. It seems like I have more time to do things outside.

    2. Never been camping when I was a kid. My family is not that outdoor oriented.

    3. My favorite summer vacation happened in Vegas, but what ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? ~_^

  33. Kristin 07.16.2009

    Yep, that’s the brand name – they are great!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

  34. Kristin 07.16.2009

    Mmmm – I get up at about 5:20 (my mom and I walk at 5:30 every morning) and go to bed at 10!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

  35. Kristin 07.16.2009

    omg no problem at all! Those lentils were pre-cooked so yep, they were definitely soft and cooked for my salads :) Here’s a good lentil cooking tutorial!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

  36. Kristin 07.16.2009

    No I haven’t – but that’s next on my to-try list!!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

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