Good morning guys!

WHEW – feeling GOOD this morning! It is so nice outside and I got a morning work out in! After my Mom walk, I circled our walk route two more times for a total of 4.5 miles. (1.5 walked with my Mom, 3 running). I literally cannot express to you how awesome it feels to have a workout done and checked off my list before 7am – wheee!!! I even ran it a little faster than normal because for awhile there was a guy running the same route as me but on the other side of the street, and I didn’t want to let him pass me. I don’t know why, but I hate getting passed! He eventually turned a corner, so the game ended :)

Seeing as how I always get super hungry after a morning workout, I pumped up the protein and healthy fats for breakfast, and made an Almond Butter English Muffin & Cantaloupe.


I used my Trader Joe’s almond butter and put a big scoop of it on each EM half.


This almond butter is so sticky, thick and satisfying. Have you ever used the “grind your own” almond/peanut butter station at Whole Foods? I’m dying to try it…



On the side: some juicy cantaloupe. These babies were $1.88 at the grocery store – love that!


For lunch today, I was inspired by a fellow Iowa blogger and made a Pepper Jack, Turkey & Broccoli Wrap! What a fab combo!


  • 2 slices pepper jack cheese
  • Couple slices of roasted, deli turkey
  • Broccoli
  • Flat Out Wrap



AND – look ma – no lentils! That’s right, for the first time since Monday, I haven’t had lentils in my lunch! I will miss them dearly… ;)




I also packed a cool and creamy yogurt :)


Yowza, better get to work – another big day today! Stay tuned this evening for a fabulous dessert involving a frozen banana and a food processor…CAN’T WAIT!!!


Seeing as how we are currently in the THICK of summer, today’s Three Question Thursday questions are inspired by just that – SUMMER! :D

1. What’s your favorite part about summer? Spending time at the pool/lake/ocean? Amazing weather? Summer grill-outs?

2. Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid?

3. What’s your favorite summer vacation to date?


My answers:

1. My favorite thing about the summer is, hands down, the weather!!! Living in the Midwest, you certainly grow to appreciate any temperatures above 60. Also, the fabulous weather lets me do other amazing things like go to outdoor concerts, go fishing and run outside to my hearts content!

2. Heeeeeck yeah I did! My favorite was “Horse Camp” where we were all assigned a horse to ride and take care of for the week. Mine was named Brownie and was just a little bigger than a pony, due to the fact that I was the shortest kid there…rats! Other favorite camp memories included “Tennis Camp” and the summer I was a camp counselor in Japan!

3. Without a doubt, my favorite summer “vacation” (I was actually a camp counselor on an army base) was the one spent in Japan. Insane, memories that will last a lifetime, I want to go back…now. I will however, never forget the vacations my family took every summer to visit our extended family in Ohio. 2 adults, 3 kids, 1 van, 12 hour drive = pure torture, but seeing our family was the BEST!!!