Good evening friends!

I just returned from dinner with the ladies :) Yep, me and my girlfriends went to a sushi restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time – Samurai Sushi!

Before I left (we didn’t go until 7 – way past my dinner time!) I snacked on a CLIF Mojo Mountain Mix Bar. This puppy had almonds, peanuts, “crispies” and chocolate chips!


I liked this bar because it was smaller and had less calories than a normal sized CLIF bar – which made it good to have as a snack while I waited to go to dinner. And while the taste was pretty good (the crunchiness was actually really good!), it didn’t have the same decadence factor as the normal bars do. That’s something that I absolutely ADORE about CLIF Bars!

Would I eat it again if presented to me? Definitely! Would I buy it? Eh…probably not.

IMG_5179 IMG_5180

Anyways – onto sushi! Samurai Sushi is actually a sushi and hibachi grill – you know, the kind of restaurant that cooks your food on a big flat top grill in front of you? Love that!


Tonight though, we skipped the hibachi in favor of a nice, cozy booth and copious amount of sushi! I got a Salmon Roll and a Tuna & Avocado Roll.


This sushi was some of the freshest I’ve ever had and was melt-in-your-mouth fantastic! I especially loved how they gave you ginormous portions of fish and didn’t pack on the rice to bulk up the roll. I hate when sushi places do that!

IMG_5208 IMG_5209

Samurai Sushi gets two thumbs up from Iowa Girl Eats…oh, and from her friends!!


You will be seeing these girls more frequently too – tonight we scheduled a re-occurring, monthly, ladies-night dinner! Time with your girlfriends is just the best!!!


How often do you get to hang out with your friends?