Viva Las Vegas: Day 1


Hey everybody – I’m back!!

Las Vegas was AMAZING – I am so glad I can finally say I’ve been there! The city was a lot different than I thought it would be – definitely a lot less “seedy” than what I was expecting. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say it, Vegas was beautiful!! It’s all in what you do and where you go, in my opinion :) Ok, trip re-cap, starting with Day 1!

Me and my girlfriend in the airport waiting to take off. Don’t worry – we made matching shirts for all the couples going on the trip!


RATS! Delayed by a fuel spill…our Vegas luck had run out before we even got there! It didn’t end up being as terrible as we thought though, and we were only delayed by about an hour. Soon enough, were were off!


After a quick 2.5 hour flight, we arrived in Vegas and met up with the third couple going on our trip. They had flown in from Chicago, so we met them at our hotel: The Flamingo. All pink, all the time :)




We got up to our rooms, got cleaned up and were ready to unleash ourselves on the town :D

The ladies:


And the fellas:


If you’ve never been to Vegas, know that literally everywhere you turn, there are slot machines. Like, everywhere you turn. So, I didn’t fight it – I hit the penny slots in the lobby of our hotel on our way out!


After losing a couple bucks (:()we hit the streets.


One of the couples we went with goes to Vegas once a year and the first place they always hit after they drop their bags off at the hotel is La Salsa Cantina for some bomb-diggity chips, salsa, burritos & margaritas! We happily continued the tradition :)



These margaritas were as long as my body, actually… No worries – I split mine with a friend – nobody needs an entire yards worth of margarita in their body!

IMG_5413 IMG_5414


After dinner we hit up Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Ummm – this is seriously one of the coolest places I have ever been to in my life! I wish I had taken more pictures of the inside, but trust me, if you go to Vegas you must hit PH up simply to see how fabulous it is. While the boys played some table games, the girls hit up some more penny slots. Because we’re high rollers like that.


Up next was strolling through the forum shops at Caesars Palace (ummmm, coolest place I have EVER been to – can I LIVE there???) They truly made the hotel, casino and associated shops feel exactly like Rome. The detail they put into the buildings, the fountains, the columns and sculptures is unbelievable.


We made a pit stop at a swanky cigar bar in the shops and had some of the most delicious, hand-crafted mojitos I have ever had!


I got a Nectarine Mojito. Absolutely divine :D


After mojitos, we hit up this Irish casino and proceeded to play beer pong, college frat-party style, until it was time to hit the hay.

Considering that were delayed an hour because of a fuel spill and we didn’t even get to our hotel until 4:00 – we accomplished a TON our first night in
Vegas! And we didn’t even stay out that late! Overall first impressions of Vegas:

  1. Nothing is exactly alike and the architecture and attention to detail in all the hotels is so fascinating
  2. Very clean considering it’s called Sin City
  3. Comparable to no other place on earth. I seriously felt like I was at an amuesment park! 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too – stay tuned for Viva Las Vegas Days 2 & 3!

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  1. Whit 07.27.2009

    OMG! Looks like a blast! I am so jealous!

  2. Luci 07.27.2009

    I was just in Vegas, too! We stayed at Hard Rock, and had an amazing time.

    We saw Peepshow at Planet Hollywood, it was sooo much fun. :)

    I was amazed by the Forum Shoppes at Caesars as well! Such a gorgeous mall.

    Here are some of my pictures —

  3. Marissa 07.27.2009

    Oh I’m so so jealous!!! I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas but I haven’t gotten there yet! It looks like you had a great time, and all of you girlies have fabulous outfits!!

  4. Amanda 07.27.2009

    I love love love vegas!! I stayed at Planet Hollywood – it is a fabulous hotel! I am jealous – I need to make my way back for a visit! Glad you had a great time!

  5. Niki 07.27.2009

    Looks like a blast so far! Can’t wait for day 2 and 3!!

  6. Yasmin 07.27.2009

    Isn’t Vegas the best!? I go every year but each time feels like the 1st. Did you win anything? See any shows? Which hotel/casino was your favorite? Can’t wait to see and hear more about it!

  7. Jessi 07.27.2009

    aww im so jealous! I just got back from there a few weeks ago and your pics make me want to go back sooo bad!

  8. Sara 07.27.2009

    SO fun! I love Las Vegas! You went to 2 of my favorite places – Planet Hollywood and Caesar Palace! That mojito looks great. Can’t wait to hear about days 2 & 3.

  9. Gab* 07.27.2009

    Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! Mojitos are so delicious. Love your dress!

  10. Lauren 07.27.2009

    Hey girl!

    So happy that you had a blast and that you made it back safe and sound, and not bankrupt! :)

    First, I have to tell you how BEAUTIFUL you are! That dress is just stunning on you! :)

    Cesars Palace, “now does Cesar acctually live here?” LoL. You saw The Hangover right?!

    I can’t wait to read/see more of your fun little vacay to Vegas!

    Hope you had a great day getting re-adjusted. It’s always such a bummer to come back from a wonderful trip, isn’t it.

  11. Carrie 07.27.2009

    LOVE the dress! Where’s it from?

  12. Evan Thomas 07.27.2009

    Looks like a good time! I think the designs of some of the hotels and statures makes Vegas a really interesting place to just walk around

  13. leianna 07.27.2009

    I love your dress and all the drinks look unique and very yummy!

  14. Angharad 07.27.2009

    Yay! I don’t know how you manage to always look so fresh and pretty but well done! You look gorge in all the pics!!

    That mojito looks amazing!

  15. Those drinks look so fun. Love your dress and shoes! :D

  16. organicglamourgirl 07.28.2009

    I love Vegas! And I say the same…for being ‘sin city’ I have never felt like it was seedy (as long as you ignore the “flipping cards” on the street!)

    It’s all in what you do and you are right…Vegas is Gorgeous!!!!

  17. Daisy 03.10.2010

    umm hi are we the same person?
    a) my name is also Kristen (spelled with an “e”, close enough). I blog under the name Daisy (nickname from close friends)
    b) I have that same dress you are wearing in the above pics except in brown
    c) I went to Vegas in June 2008 and I stayed at the Flamingo (holy pink is right!) and how about their amazing pool?! I felt a lot the the things you expressed in this post i was noding right along with. Ceasars shops rule, PH is sick, I play the penny slots (won $40 on one!)…..ok gonna continue reading about the rest of this trip!

  18. Lesley 01.20.2012

    If you go back try to stay @ PH west gate towers
    AMAZING. Kinda behind PH but you can get in thru mall

  19. Kristin 07.27.2009

    Thanks! It’s from TJ Maxx – love that store!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

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