Viva Las Vegas: Day 2


Day 2 in Las Vegas started with some flamingo watching at The Flamingo :) Ben and I got up early to explore our hotel and stumbled upon a whole lagoon type area filled with flamingos, exotic birds, ducks, turtles and fish…it was practically a zoo!


Photo op :)


While continuing our hotel exploration, I stopped to get a breakfast bar at one of the many gift shops. I saw this baby and snatched it right up. Ummm Vanilla Yogurt bar with 11g of protein? Sign me up!


This was crunchy, sweet and creamy, so delish. Plus, I was stuffed – yes, stuffed – for a really long time! I had never even heard of these bars before, but they are awesome! 


After that we headed to the pool to wait for the rest of the crew to get up and at ‘em. Ben and I are early vacation risers…well I should say, I’m an early vacation riser and being the excellent husband that he is, Ben now is too :)

IMG_5495 IMG_5501

After sunning ourselves for the duration of the morning, we headed to Margaritaville, which was attached to our hotel, for lunch. Honestly, a lot of times places like this are kind of just “meh” but our meals here were SO good!


Mmmm, I got a giant plate of nachos :) When in Rome…


These were homemade tortilla chips, piled high with chili, 3 kinds of cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream and HEAPS of jalapenos! They tasted just as good as the look and I shared with the whole table :)


This is Matt. I told Matt I’d give him $2 to eat a GIANT glob of sour cream. He almost did but decided at the last minute that it probably wasn’t in his best interests. I agreed.


Our lunchtime view of Caesar’s Palace (I’m obsessed!)


We felt like a good long walk was in order after lunch, so we strolled down to The Venetian hotel after we were done eating. The Venetian is famous for having an Italy inspired canal running through the middle of the hotel, that you can take gondola rides on!




For dinner on Day 2, we headed to a hole in the wall…literally. Self-proclaimed “Hole in the Wall” Battista’s Italian Restaurant” is where we dined!


This place is SO awesome – the menus are on the wall and each meal comes with soup or salad, REAL garlic bread studded with roasted garlic cloves, an after dinner cappuccino (the best cappuccino I’ve ever had – don’t worry I have the recipe!!!!) and FREE white and red house wine!




Ben and I split the Seafood Fettuccini. This was fresh fettuccini, giant scallops, tender mahi-mahi and mouth-watering shrimp. All in a homemade red sauce – to die for!


Oh – Battista’s resident accordian player. FABULOUS!



After dinner we all hopped in a limo and headed down to Old Vegas. Think Freemont Street, Golden Nugget, Binion’s and 4 Queens. Old Vegas definitely doesn’t have the glamorous feeling that the Bellagio, etc. has, but is perfectly “authentic” – I just loved it!



We have a winner! It wasn’t me though…

IMG_5616  IMG_5628

The boys played many rounds of craps and black jack in Old Vegas :)


Don’t worry – I got it on some of that Black Jack action too!


The street that a lot of the old vegas casinos are on – Freemont Street – is covered by an overhead canopy type covering that they play light shows on. Aren’t these cool??

IMG_5652 IMG_5653

IMG_5656 IMG_5657



Ben got artsy and took these – he’s a great photographer!

IMG_5692 IMG_5694

Day 2 in Vegas was so much fun and just like Day 1, we did SO much in just one day!! I miss it already… Day 3 re-cap coming soon! :D

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  1. erin 07.28.2009

    this looks amazing. I’ve heard different things about vegas. but your recap definitely makes me feel like i should check it out!

  2. organicglamourgirl 07.28.2009

    I’ve been to Vegas 7-8 times! I love it!!!

    I can’t believe you ate at Batistas! We go there everytime and I love the accordian player! :) He does a mean Ohio State Fight song…although I bet he knows just about every Big Ten University Fight song!

    We were just in LV in June and your pictures are making me CRAVE it! :)

  3. Looks like you’re having a great time! I LOVE that orange/red dress that you’re wearing in the last few pictures!! So pretty!

  4. Mandy 07.28.2009

    What an amazing trip. Vegas may have just moved up notch or two in my list of places to visit…but I do not want to take my kids!! So, I’m sure it will be a few years! Looks like a blast though!

  5. Niki 07.28.2009

    Looks so fun! I want to go to Vegas!!

  6. Sara 07.28.2009

    Fun fun! I’ll have to try that Italian restaurant.

  7. jordan 07.28.2009

    I’ve always been really against Vegas because like you, I thought it was a little seedy & ONLY for people who were into gambling but after reading your posts & specifically – seeing your pictures, which are awesome – I actually have an itch to go check it out now!!!

    Did you go for a ride in a gondola? I think I would INSIST on it, if we ever go. Which now, we may! Thanks for helping me love Vegas! Hope you had a wonderful trip & I ADORE your blog!!! :D

  8. allijag 07.28.2009

    What a fun trip! So jealous :) Looks like you guys had a blast (also – my mouth is watering looking at those nachos – DEFINITELY when in rome) :)

  9. Kailey 07.28.2009

    aww sounds like you are having a fabulous time!!
    that casino looks so pretty too!

  10. Rose 07.28.2009

    Ahhh! Your trip looks amazing! so much fun :)

  11. Mr. IowaGirlEats 07.28.2009

    Wow! Awesome pictures!!

  12. Found this on Google blog search. Really enjoyed reading it (and great photos). Always nice to see how a visitor sees our city.

    The gardens in back of the Flamingo are by far a best kept secret! Few know that you can escape the hustle and bustle and all the crowds just by going out the back doors of The Flamingo (near the buffet).

    Speaking of Buffett (with two t’s), worth the wait to get a good seat outdoors overlooking The Strip (although… do it for lunch during the summer before the temps hit triple digits).

    Battista’s is amazing! Not sure how you found it (usually people don’t head down the side streets unless they are headed to the Westin) but another one of Las Vegas’ best kept secrets.

    Downtown is always great, and many don’t know that downtown has looser slots (for real… according to Gaming Board reports) and usually better table game odds. A big mall with gambling and drinking.

    Thanks again for the great read!

    Ted Newkirk
    Managing Editor

  13. […] directly into my Las Vegas Starby’s mug. I always thought the LV mug should be hot pink or something, and embedded with […]

  14. Dena 09.14.2013

    I know this is an extremely old post and I hope you’ll even see this comment, but PLEASE OH PLEASE share the recipe for the cappuccino at Battista’s! I just got back from my first Vegas trip last night and we ate dinner there, and I have not stopped talking about that cappuccino since! Today I re-read your Vegas recaps (since now that I’ve been there, I can relate more) and can’t believe you went to Battista’s! Please share via email if you still have the recipe! Thanks Kristin!

  15. Kristin 07.29.2009

    I didn’t – I REALLY REALLY wanted to – but it was like $100 a pop!!!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

  16. Kristin 07.29.2009

    OMG – that is awesome!! He was so great! :D

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

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