Our final day in Las Vegas started as any good, last vacation day should – at the pool! Complete with $10 pina coladas, of course. They were delicious though :D Oh, can I just talk about the heat in Vegas for a second? It’s so hot that it literally feels like you are sitting inside an oven. That’s the only way to describe it, because normal temperatures don’t get that hot! I think we saw 110 degrees while we were out there! The pool (and the pinas) were the perfect remedy though :)


After sufficiently baking ourselves to a light crisp, we headed out for more exploring. Past the forum shops at Caesar’s Palace, once again :) 


And into The Mirage Hotel & Casino for lunch at BLT Burger – the best burger joint on the planet!



Really cool decor at this place…


We started the meal off with…A TWINKIE MILKSHAKE. Let me repeat that. A TWINKIE MILKSHAKE!!!!! This was quite possibly, the tastiest thing I have ever eaten on the planet… It was vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce blended with Twinkies. O…M…G… Ben and I split this, took our first sip and just kind of stared at each other in amazement…it was so delicious!!!! The texture of the milkshakes was the thickest I’ve ever had from the blended up twinkies inside. Seriously to die for – but seriously a once a year treat if I ever saw one! One of our friends got the Mocha Mudslide milkshake, which he cashed in about three minutes…it was incredible!

IMG_5706 IMG_5709

Ben and I also split the BLT Burger & Thin Fries. The restaurant cooks their burgers for 4 minutes a side so the outside is grilled to perfection and the inside is rare and juicy – perfect!


After another hefty lunch we headed back out to the streets to walk it off and cruised over to the Paris Hotel & Casino. Look Ma, the Arch de Triumph! :D

IMG_5399 IMG_5718

For dinner on our final night we headed out to the New York New York Hotel and Casino for dinner. All my friends had been there before and they wanted to make sure I got a chance to see it – I’m so glad I did because it was AWESOME! Just like walking through the streets of New York inside!

Starting our walk to NY NY:



Isn’t that awesome? The hotel totally looks like the skyline of NYC!

IMG_5402 IMG_5737


Once inside, we decided on a fabulous Asian cafe to eat at – Chin Chin.


I started out the night with my favorite Asian inspired beverage, a Tsing Tao.


Aaaaaaan don’t worry – we requested no glasses with our beers, so they brought us paper bags to drink them out of instead…because we’re classy like that!

IMG_5726 IMG_5729

For dinner I ordered the Beef Chow Fun. This was a savory wide-noodle dish that did not disappoint – I LOVE wide noodles! Chin Chin was a win win!


Group shot on our last night in Vegas!!!


Dinner concluded with some more casino tours including the Monte Carlo,


More of the Paris Hotel & Casino,


And ended with a quintessential Vegas show…the fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel. How Oceans 11 of us :)




Overall, I couldn’t have been happier with our time spent in Vegas. This town is truly what you make it. If you’re looking to have the most insane bachelor or bachelorette party of your life – don’t worry, you’ll get it! But if you’re also looking for a nice time with your friends, getting as crazy or semi-crazy as you want, Vegas has that option too. We had a fabulous time exploring the incredible unique and intricately built hotels, throwing our dollar bills away in the penny slots and most importantly, spending time with all of our best friends. Vegas: I WILL be back!!!