How IGE Gets Her Groove Back


HaaaaAAAPPPY Hump Day everyone!

It’s back to reality for this girl – which is always the hardest part about coming back from vacation, isn’t it? It usually takes me 3-4 days after I return to feel like I’m really getting back into my grooooove :)

Getting back into my groove usually involves getting back into exercise and eating healthfully – which I got a jump start on this morning! My Mom and I headed out on our morning walk, and HELLO!? Is summer almost over? It was cool as an autumn evening and the sun hadn’t even made it over the horizon yet… I remember walking in early July and marveling at how bright and hot it was so early in the morning. Rats!!

Anyways, I continued getting my groove back with a healthy Green Eggs & Tomato, Egg White Omelet! 


I quickly sautéed a handful of baby spinach in some non-stick spray for ~1 minute, before adding oh, I don’t know, maybe 3/4 of a cup of liquid egg whites, ~1/4 cup chopped tomatoes and a sprinkling of some dried thyme :)


The spinach turned my egg whites a delightful, pale green hue :) Oh by the way – the addition of the egg whites to my Green Monster was brilliant – I was stuffed for hours!! Be sure to use the pasteurized egg whites if you do this :)

IMG_5782 IMG_5783

This was a perfect breakfast that was light yet filling, nutrient dense and FAST!


Now I put some breakfast ingredients on double duty for lunch today. I started with another Dole Salad Mix – this time it was Asian Island Crunch, which featured:

  • Toasted, sliced almonds
  • Dried pineapple
  • Snow Peas
  • Slaw
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Sesame Ginger Dressing


I beefed up the mix with my own additions of baby spinach and chopped, ripe tomatoes. 


Whenever I see anything labeled “Asian” I immediately grab it…and if it’s on sale, like this guy was, I POUNCE on it! I love the flavors of sesame, ginger and a sweet note like the dried pineapple, that Asian foods tend to incorporate.


Look at that dried pineapple & toasted almond slices…YUM!!


I also packed a sliced, Braeburn apple – because lets be real, sliced apples are the perfect 3:00 snack! :D



Alrighty friends – one of the other hardest parts about coming home from vacation is the work that’s waiting to be done when you get back – which I’ve got plenty of! I’m off to seize the day!


What’s your 3:00 snack of choice? The one you tend to go to again and again to get your through that afternoon slump?

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  1. Mandy 07.29.2009

    My 3:00 pm snacks of late have been delicious summer fruits: peaches, grapes, berries. I lay off the apples a bit until fall because we eat tons of apples in the fall! I feel I do not have many good fruit options when summer ends.

    I wonder if you try to restrict bread much? Your meals look amazing but in my mind they are screaming for a piece of bread? Just not your thing?

  2. mags 07.29.2009

    hi kristin!

    i was just wondering if a 100 calorie breakfast like that really fills you up! i know eggs have a ton of protein and are super filling, but especially without the yolks or any other source of fat, how long will that keep you full for?

  3. Lauren A. 07.29.2009

    i’m a yogurt and fruit kinda girl. the combo of semi-sweetness and protein helps me feel satisfied till dinner! otherwise, i love a refrigerated banana with a dab of peanut butter on each bite. that’ll hold me off better if i’m planning on a late dinner.

  4. Whit 07.29.2009

    That salad looks out-of-this-world delicious!

  5. ana 07.29.2009

    I agree with mags I think it’s a low calorie day in general 100 cal breakfast? 200 cal salad? and 100 cal for the apple? I think there’s something missing :S

  6. Holly 07.29.2009

    Looks like you had SO much fun in Vegas!! I’m a Vegas Virgin, but I’m hoping to get there next year.

    Fruit! Right now I usually pack a bag of yummy grapes for a p.m. snack, but sometimes I’ll have an orange or an apple. And if those don’t fill me up, I ALWAYS keep a bag of raw almonds at my desk. :-)

  7. Coming back from vacay can definitely be hard! I usually need at least a week to get back into the swing of things!!

    I usually have a bar (Clif or Lara) in the afternoon, or else half a bar and an apple!!

    How do you keep your apples from turning brown after you’ve sliced them?

  8. Angharad 07.29.2009

    Getting your groove back is HARD after a vacay but yeah, super important to get you feeling normal again. All your Vegas eats looked so frickin good though!!

    My go-to 3pm snack is a yogurt – preferably with add-ins (muesli, dried fruit, berries or nuts) YUM

  9. Lindsey Mots 07.29.2009

    FYI – I had to get back into my groove with a Green Monster this AM!

    3PM snack of choice is for sure a Fiber 1 bar! I usually start to get my sweet tooth craving in the afternoon and those bars are better than eating a homemade brownie. Love them!

  10. Kimberly 07.29.2009

    Love that egg combo! I have it almost every day!

    3PM snack of choice…hmmmm…either a slice of gluten-free multi-grain bread, schmear of PB or AB & half a banana or a bowl of gluten-free cereal w/berries & almond breeze or fruit w/Oikos & flaxseed. :) I can’t make up my mind! LOL!

  11. Sara 07.29.2009

    My afternoon snack of choice is an apple with some peanut butter! Love it and it keeps me full until dinner.

  12. Anne K. 07.29.2009

    Coming back from vacation is definitely hard! I always take a few days to adjust, too. Your salad looks delicious! My 3 pm snack of choice is a greek yogurt mess with cinnamon, cereal, and pb. Or an apple + cinnamon. Yum!

  13. Rose 07.29.2009

    Yogurt + 1/2 cup of cereal or granola. Always does the trick for me!

  14. heather 07.29.2009

    eek i agree. i don’t know how realistic it is to suggest “getting your groove back” with a 100 calories breakfast and a similar lunch that contains close to zero fat (with the exception of the almond slivers) and zero to no carbs. yikes. i hope your readers realize this is probably not realistic for most people.

  15. Niki 07.29.2009

    Breakfast looks delish! I am so looking for that salad mix with dried pineapples in it- my fav!! I have recently been snacking on a mix of grapes and pretzels! Something about the sweet and salty combination keeps bringing me back!!

  16. Meg 07.29.2009

    Your eggs look delicous! At 3pm I usually reach fora piece fruit or a Kashi granola bar.

    I am jealous of your vegas trip! So fun.

  17. allijag 07.29.2009

    Love the BRIGHT breakfast! :)

  18. angiesappetite 07.29.2009

    My favorite afternoon snack is a fage 2% with fruit OR a tall latte from Starbucks!

  19. Lauren 07.29.2009

    Welcome back darling!

    I missed you but I loved your wonderful recap of the trip! So great!!!!

    Wow, how in the world do you eat so little? Your breakfast and lunch look so yummy but I would be starving if this is all I ate, especially after working out. You must have a stomach of steel! :)

    Okay, no lie, I eat an apple every single day at 3:30pm. I watch the clock, and once it turns 3:29, I break out my favorite treat in the world-a crispy, juicy apple.

    It’s the highlight of my every workday. ;)

  20. burpexcuzme 07.29.2009

    I eat nuts to hold me over! They are high in calories, and has healthy amounts of fat and protein. And they don’t fill me up and ruin my appetite, but they really do satisfy me too!

  21. broccolihut 07.29.2009

    Cottage cheese with sunflower seed butter and raisins!

  22. Kristin 07.29.2009

    Yeah, I’m not a huge bread girl! I like the occasional wrap or English Muffin, but don’t really ever crave bread?

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

  23. Kristin 07.30.2009

    Hi Amber!

    I just put them in an air-tight gladware container, and they stay perfectly fine!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

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