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One word – FRIDAY!

It’s a rainy Friday here – in fact, the rain even chased me and my Mom down the street at the tail end of our walk! We got home just as the clouds opened up.

Friday also marks the return of the Green Monster. Gosh, I haven’t had one of these babies in forever! I made the overnight version, and per usual, it was so sweet, thick and creeeeammy.

IMG_6367 IMG_6375

Recycled pic because the Green Monster lighting was fussy today.

Hey – guess who jumped on the Green Monster train?? THEO!! Is this not the most adorable little 3 year old you have EVER seen? His Mom, Stacey, sent me this picture of him enjoying a green monster smoothie. While Theo is a very healthy eater, he usually turns up his nose at spinach. That is, until his Mom started making this beautiful, bright green smoothie that peaked his interest. Now he can’t get enough!!


So Mom’s out there – if your child isn’t getting enough greens in their life – give this smoothie a whirl. I know another Mom who has her little boy convinced these are milkshakes and even puts sprinkles on top! Hey – whatever you gotta do!!

Today I packed a lunch-o’-randomness. Cantaloupe, Rotisserie Chicken Rice & a Peach.


I think I might have already proclaimed this earlier this summer but this is, hands down, the best cantaloupe ever. I was in melon heaven yesterday!

 IMG_6352 IMG_6353IMG_6354

I also packed a CranberryOrange PURE Bar.


This bar is bomb – love it!


Super chewy with big chunks of dried cranberries!


So friends – what are you up to this weekend? Once again I have ZERO plans…cool! I’m not sure how long this rain is supposed to last but if it’s still around this evening I’m thinking I’d like to go to a movie. Have you seen anything good lately? I heard that Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock flick was decent.

OH also! I want to tell you guys about one of my favorite websites ever: 1000 Awesome Things. Basically it’s a site that posts one awesome thing about life everyday. Some of my favorite postings include:

#712 Emptying the recycling bin on your computer

#714 Changing the channel during a commercial break and then flipping back just as the show’s coming back on

#717 Sleeping with one leg under the covers and one leg out

#724 Placing the last piece of the puzzle

I seriously read everyday and I’m like – “YES! That is awesome!” It’s a great mood-boosting website, so I wanted to share with you all ;) A great Friday read if I’ve ever seen one!


What’s something that you think is awesome?

Here’s one: Checking out at the store and finding out that what you’re buying is on sale.


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  1. When the oatmeal/cereal/rice box has just enough for an even number of servings! LOVE THAT!

  2. brandi 08.07.2009

    i haven’t had a green smoothie in ages, either, but i love that picture of him! he looks so excited :)

    I’m hoping to see Julie and Julia! and we have a fabulous downtown festival that we’ll probably go to, too.

  3. stacey 08.07.2009

    Awwwww, thanks for putting my Theo on the blog – just showed it to him and he’s sooooo excited!!!!!

  4. Ben 08.07.2009

    I am so jealous about that cantaloupe! I never seem to be able to pick out a good one. What’s the secret to finding a good melon?!? It’s one of the best parts of summer. In fact, that’s my awesome thing in life for today – sweet, delicious, juicy, fresh cantaloupe on a hot summer day at the lake.

  5. Rose 08.07.2009

    I think YOU are awesome for helping me pick out a camera yesterday! I got it at the store last night and so far I’m loving it!

  6. Such a cute picture of Theo!!! Love it!

  7. Missy Maintains 08.07.2009

    Theo is so cute! Aw! Awesome?? When you get to leave work 2 hours early on Fridays because it is the summer! Yay!

  8. Theo is adorable! :D
    What’s awesome? Weekends! :D
    Have a great one!

  9. Michelle 08.07.2009

    That website just made me so happy!! LOL thanks!

  10. Lauren 08.07.2009

    Julie & Julia comes out today, I’m dying to see it!

  11. Teresa B. 08.07.2009

    Is there a secret to the green monster smoothie? I tried it at home and it didn’t turn out as green and creamy as it looks in your pics. Instead, it was kind of bland, and all I could taste were the oats and peanut butter. Also, I tried adding frozen strawberries, since I didn’t have a frozen banana, and it turned brown :( What could I be doing wrong.

  12. buffmuffy 08.07.2009

    I think that the green monsters are an AWESOME way to get kids to get their veggies. Great! I didn’t even think of it!

  13. Anne K. 08.07.2009

    Aww, Theo is adorable :D And I love that cool website–thanks for mentioning it! This one is great: #721 Drinking anything through the little hole in a coffee stirrer

  14. Margaret 08.07.2009

    Something I think is awesome: Happening upon your favorite movie/song on TV/radio. Even though you own it, stumbling upon it is awesome.

    Movies: As Lauren mentioned, Julie & Julia opens today. I read the book and it was HIL-arious! If the movie is even half as good, it would be a must-see for a foodie. The book: “Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously” by Julie Powell.

  15. Jess 08.07.2009

    Theo is so cute!! And I LOVE sleeping with one leg under the covers and one out!!
    The Proposal was a cute movie – I liked it! I also saw a few other movies this summer that I liked – Harry Potter, The Hangover and Transformers. :) (We have a drive-in here that I can’t get enough of!!)
    I really want to see that new one with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler too.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. leianna 08.07.2009

    Yummy green monster! I also love buying something at the store and when they say the total is totally lower than expected! Another awesome thing is knowing that it’s Friday!

  17. Kristin 08.08.2009

    Hi Theresa! I would make sure that you are blending the spinach, oats, milk & peanut butter fully before you then add the ice and frozen banana. I would also make sure to always include a frozen banana, otherwise the texture/taste might be a little off. The reason it turned brown is because the red strawberries + green spinach = brown smoothie!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

  18. Kristin 08.08.2009

    Hmmm – I just pick on that is heavy for it’s size, and always let it rest for a couple days on the counter before I cut it up!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

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