The Longest 1/2 Yard


Good morning everyone!

Last night Ben and I decided that due to the steamy outside temps, a cold beer and patio setting were completely necessary. So we headed to one of our favorite places, Granite City, for some mugs of Blueberry Ale!


Check out my review of this delicious, summary brew here. Sooo refreshing with just a hint of blueberry sweetness!


I look like a mannequin in this picture. Pose me any way you like :)


Yeah… Sometimes you gotta entertain yourself!


Guess who showed up to hang? My parents! I texted them that we were out having a mug and literally before I shut my phone, I had a text back saying they were on their way!


After finishing our mugs, Ben and I headed over to a great Iowa Hawks watching sports bar – The Longest Yard. Where they serve, no surprise, yards of beer!


This guy must not have been able to finish his yard. He’s so disappointed in himself…I just made that up, I don’t know what his deal is!


I ordered a half yard and it was huuuuGE! I drank about half and had Ben finish ‘er up. After a long week, we headed home early and were in bed by 11. It was fun to blow off some steam though!


This morning I woke up and made some Whole Wheat Pancakes!


So comforting, so satisfying…a PERFECT Saturday morning breakfast!


My stack came tumbling down :)


It’s kind of stormy out today, the heat index is already up to 91 and it’s only 9:30…eep! I think I might just park it on the sofa for a little bit, pop in a movie and relax. That sounds pretty good to me :)


Do you ever indulge in lazy Saturday mornings?

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  1. missyrayn 08.08.2009

    Surprisingly my saturday mornings are never lazy. Even though it is really the only day of the week I could sleep in, I’m up at 7am. I go to my weight watchers meeting and then the farmers market and sometimes a nice long run before doing some work to get things ready for church on sunday.

    But I love hearing other people’s stories about relaxing. I just don’t know how to do it.

  2. Courtney 08.08.2009

    Bahaha, love the guy that couldn’t “finish.” :D

  3. I’m having a lazy Saturday morning here (the first in a long time) and it is fabulous! It’s raining and cloudy in Mpls…a movie sounds great!

  4. inmytummy 08.08.2009

    That’s the half yard?! I can’t imagine what a full one looks like.

  5. Kailey 08.08.2009

    those pancakes are perfection on a plate in my opinion :)

  6. Heather 08.08.2009

    Great Post. Lovely blog! Glad to have ran in to you in twitterland :)

  7. theskinnyplate 08.08.2009

    I tend to gravitate more towards lazy Sundays.

  8. I also had whole wheat pancakes for a lazy Saturday bfast.
    Love this post a lot! Shows how balanced you are – you eat very healthily, exercise, have fun, and have loving rels with family (and friends).

  9. Coco 08.08.2009

    Lazy Saturday indulgences are a must every once in a while. Joey and I had a lazy indulging Saturday picnic today and it was just what the doctor ordered! Your pancakes look perfectly scrumptious!

  10. Tay 08.08.2009

    I love lazy Sunday mornings. Saturday mornings work too! Family time lounging around in PJs all morning :-)

    I tried to make pancakes this morning but FAIL!

  11. leianna 08.08.2009

    I love Granite City! And the weather is the same here in MN, so definetely a perfect day for a movie/couch date!

  12. buffmuffy 08.08.2009

    I love the pics! The blueberry ale looks good – does it taste like beer?
    i never enjoy a sat morning bc i work on weekend mornings :(

  13. nomagicjeanie 08.09.2009

    I wanted to tell you that I tried the Chocolate Brownie Pure Bar yesterday for the first time….and LOVED IT!!!!! Thank you for featuring it on your log last week, another great food find! :)

  14. Kristilyn 08.10.2009

    I definitely love indulging on Saturdays … not too much, but a breakfast of pancakes, or even bacon and eggs, then a good movie is a great day in my books! The Husband and I usually do this more in the winter than in the summer. Summer in Alberta is so short that we have to get outside whenever we can!


  15. […] town is Granite City Brewery. From cinnamon rolls as big as our heads, to ultra-refreshing seasonal blueberry brew, we always know we’ll have a great meal and drink whenever we stop […]

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