Good morning everyone!

Last night Ben and I decided that due to the steamy outside temps, a cold beer and patio setting were completely necessary. So we headed to one of our favorite places, Granite City, for some mugs of Blueberry Ale!


Check out my review of this delicious, summary brew here. Sooo refreshing with just a hint of blueberry sweetness!



I look like a mannequin in this picture. Pose me any way you like :)


Yeah… Sometimes you gotta entertain yourself!


Guess who showed up to hang? My parents! I texted them that we were out having a mug and literally before I shut my phone, I had a text back saying they were on their way!


After finishing our mugs, Ben and I headed over to a great Iowa Hawks watching sports bar – The Longest Yard. Where they serve, no surprise, yards of beer!


This guy must not have been able to finish his yard. He’s so disappointed in himself…I just made that up, I don’t know what his deal is!


I ordered a half yard and it was huuuuGE! I drank about half and had Ben finish ‘er up. After a long week, we headed home early and were in bed by 11. It was fun to blow off some steam though!


This morning I woke up and made some Whole Wheat Pancakes!


So comforting, so satisfying…a PERFECT Saturday morning breakfast!


My stack came tumbling down :)


It’s kind of stormy out today, the heat index is already up to 91 and it’s only 9:30…eep! I think I might just park it on the sofa for a little bit, pop in a movie and relax. That sounds pretty good to me :)


Do you ever indulge in lazy Saturday mornings?