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Last night was another sushi feast with the girls! We’re thinking about just making the rounds at all the good sushi places in town. :D You wouldn’t think Iowa would have the best fresh fish resources, but honestly if you know where to go, it’s no different than anywhere else!

This festive platter came from Wok In Motion (where Ben and I usually get our amazing Kung Pao Chicken from.) Starting from the top and going clockwise, we’ve got: Tuna Roll, Smoked Salmon Roll, Salmon Roll, Alaska Roll (salmon, cucumber, crab, avocado & lettuce) and a Spicy Tuna Roll.


Great portions, great price, super fresh!


I had the Salmon Roll


And the Alaska Roll. Told you I’m all about the salmon! :D


Giant pieces that I always feel semi-toolish cramming into my mouth, but it’s just so good, and really, there’s no other way to eat them. You’ve just got to go for it!


I did end up running before dinner last night – a 4 miler. Let’s just say this. It was Brutesville, USA, Population 1: ME. The humidity, sun and temps were out of control and I thought I was going to lose it. But, I didn’t and lived to tell the tale! The humidity levels are supposed to drop today, so a workout will be much more enjoyable. Do you say “no” to running outside when it’s extremely hot and humid? Or do you just go for it?

Onto the EATS!

This morning I made one of my absolute favorite breakfasts: Open Faced Egg, Bacon & Cheese Bagel.


I took a half a toasted bagel, topped it with a slice of cheddar cheese, 3 egg whites and 2 slices of low-sodium bacon.


I actually microwaved this bacon last night, let it cool and put it in the fridge. This morning I took it out, microwaved again for about 15 seconds and I had bacon for my bagel, easy!


I don’t know what’s gotten me on this bagel kick lately, but I’m not hating it at all… They really do keep me full for the entire morning and they are soooo chewy and delicious. OOTW, actually! (out of this world :) )


To add some freshness to my breakfast, I had some berries. My grocery store had a huge berry sale this weekend and big containers of all different kinds were only $1.88! I got some sweet strawberries and blueberries.


Gorgeous…I would seriously blow these photos up and hang them on my wall!

IMG_6546 IMG_6545

Speaking of, Ben used to have a roommate that took pictures of exotic food dishes he ate on vacations, framed them and then actually hung them on the wall. Would you? I might if it was semi-abstract like this, but I probably wouldn’t hang a straight-up picture of my dinner on the wall!


Lunch today utilized some more garden-fresh vegetables courtesy of my Mom: a big, Italian Salad.


We’ve got:

  • Mixed Greens
  • Cucumber from my Mom’s garden
  • Tomato from my Mom’s garden
  • Feta Cheese
  • Pepperoni

IMG_6540 IMG_6538

Just a few slices of the ‘roni will do ya. They are a fun surprise in the salad! Some pepperoncini would be super tasty too…oooo or banana pepper rings! Hmmm, maybe I’ll go snag some from the work cafeteria today…


Wow – looking through this post, I’ve had some good eats in the past 12 hours! Lots of variety which I just love :) OK friends, I’m off to seize the day – have a SUPER TUESDAY!


Get your share on: What are you having for lunch today?


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  1. Lauren A. 08.11.2009

    half of a homemade turkey burger stuffed in a pita pocket with greens, hummus, cucumber, and goat’s milk feta.

    have a wonderful tuesday!

  2. Erika 08.11.2009

    Funny enough I do have a food picture on my wall! My sister took this awesome pic at a farmers market of a table stacked with carrots on one side and radishes on the other. The colors are so bright and it just made me happy so I blew it up, frames it and put it in my kitchen!

  3. leianna 08.11.2009

    Yum on the sushi, those are all my favorite kinds!
    Lunch for me today is going to be a green monster to use up some fresh produce and because it’s going to be HOT!

  4. Ben H. 08.11.2009

    Hello! New reader, first time poster. First off, I really enjoy reading your blogs. The food looks delicious and your stories are entertaining as well.

    My wife and I LOVE Wok In Motion! She isn’t a fish liker at all so it kind of surprised me.

    As for running in the heat…. I love it! A shower is a must afterwards because I look as if I got out of a pool. I do not like running in the cold. It’s hard to stay motivated when it’s below freezing for me. I recently got hooked on cycling and got my wife a bike and we got a bike trailer so that we can pull our 1 1/2 yr old son around too. He loves it and it’s a good family moment.

    Keep up the good posts.


  5. Whit 08.11.2009

    That sushi looks amazing! I am a salmon girl myself!

  6. Beth 08.11.2009

    Lunch today is a grilled corn and black bean salad with a side of watermelon.

    That sushi looked amazing! I may have to find some time this week to go get some.

  7. Ben H. 08.11.2009

    For lunch today…heading home and having a left over manwich. Seriously, those things hit the spot everytime. So do BLT’s. Now I want one, I guess I know what’s for dinner tonight.

    Are those PURE bars really that good? I have a friend that is doing the Farrell’s thing and I mentioned them to him.

    Have a good morning!

  8. Jill 08.11.2009

    I am having a salad with dried cranberries and blueberries, parmesan cheese and balsamic dressing. For snacks, I am having an apple and cocoa almonds – which I found out about through you! Love them. Thanks!

  9. Becci 08.11.2009

    Leftover homemade enchiladas with homemade guacamole, a green pepper and a dino egg plum.

  10. brandi 08.11.2009

    (I’ve never had real sushi) – I know, right? I just don’t think there’s any really good places here, sadly.

    I’m having a big salad with leftover chicken and bean mole mixture, romaine/spinach, our garden tomatoes, and corn. yum.

  11. Lisa 08.11.2009

    I about died on my run last night, too. Ok, I didn’t, but I was hot mess and I had to stop at the grocery store on my way home. I must have looked disgusting to my fellow shoppers! I never skip runs due to heat/humidity, though. I always push through & just make sure I am getting enough water.

    Today is a rare day where I am eating out for lunch. I plan on getting an ‘unwich’ from Jimmy Johns. It’s delicious – it’s a sandwich, but it’s wrapped in lettuce leaves instead of bread. So good!! I even have my bread eating friend at work hooked on them!

  12. Sara 08.11.2009

    That sushi looks amazing! I love sushi but don’t get to eat it much b/c the hubby doesn’t like it. Your bagel looks fantastic. Today I’m having a Black Almond Cherry Clif Bar and some fruit for lunch. I love Clif bars.

  13. Pamela 08.11.2009

    Homemade soup – chicken broth with turkey keilbasa, lots of spinach, brown rice and green lentils. Plus fresh cut cantaloupe and watermelon!

  14. That sushi looks delicious! And i love how you prep your breakfasts the night before–i’m going to have to start doing that to give myself some extra time in the AM for exercise…or sleep :)

  15. Lainie 08.11.2009

    Sushi is my absolute FAVORITE food. Love, love, love it. And I love bacon, too – have you tried the center cut bacon? It’s only about 20-30 calories per slice and it tastes phenom.

    So I know I asked you the other day if you had been to lake panorama and winterset – and I believe you said yes to both? In Winterset, there is a store called Montross Pharmacy….have you heard of it/been to it?

  16. monnik 08.11.2009

    I love sushi… and the salmon is my favorite too. I’m having leftover homemade mac and cheese for lunch. I can’t wait to eat it!

  17. Nicole 08.11.2009

    I now have the taste for sushi, the pictures look great! For lunch today was a huge salad featuring a green and PURPLE pepper, carrots, tomato, and a Morning Star spicy black bean veggie burger crumpled up. So yummy!

  18. All that sushi looks SO SO good – I have not had sushi in forever!!

    Today I am having a Smart One’s Ravioli meal for lunch. I’m actually quite looking forward to it!

  19. Quinn 08.11.2009

    Geoff has a friend who frames all the random BBQ joints he’s been to in the US and it actually makes a cool collage in his kitchen.

    I run in the heat/humidity, but at more off hours – early am or late pm.

    Lunch was a spinach salad, wasa crackers with hummus and a peach.

    Love the sushi!

  20. Anne K. 08.11.2009

    Those salmon rolls look so yummy. Lunch was a tropical mango chick’n salad with a frozen watermelon dessert :)

  21. eatingmachine 08.11.2009

    yum! I had a bacon and cheese bagel for breakfast today too! With pesto, mmm.
    Lunch was quinoa with basil and tomato! Sooo good.

  22. buffmuffy 08.11.2009

    i LOVE sushi. I would decorate my walls with abstract food art yes. the berries def. veggies def. sushi maybe even! :)

  23. thesushichef 08.11.2009

    Iowa girls do everything huh, ya’ll should trying making sushi. It’s pretty fun n’ easy. Not tryna spam your site but i just like going around reading other people’s pages to give me some inspiration on my sushi blog. Bacon, egg, and cheese sushi? lol jk

  24. Mandy 08.11.2009

    Lunch was couscous cooked with a trio of peppers (mostly from my garden), cheddar cheese, and chicken. It was too small!! So, I got an iced latte to fill in the empty spots in my stomach!

    Also had a fruit bowl…kiwi, blueberries, caneteloupe, strawberries…

    What will I do when summer ends? No fruit, no garden veggies?

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