An Eventful Friday Morning


Well it’s been an eventful and interesting Friday morning over here already! It started out with my Mom bring me some goodies when she came over for our walk. A SELF magazine and homemade zucchini bread!


I just love SELF – what’s your favorite magazine? I also like Glamour – it’s one mag that I actually do read for the articles ;)

Another interesting, shall we say, part of my morning was when I stepped on a worm during our walk and it flung up and stuck on my calf. Itwassodisgusting!! A sludgy, slimy, half stepped on worm was stuck to my leg! Ugh I just gagged a little…

Finally, when I got home, I had an impromptu strength session! I did three reps of 10 pushups and 15 bicycle crunches. It took maybe 3 minutes and but boy did I feel it!! My arms were slightly shaky as I was putting on my makeup – a sure sign of success, in my book :)

Continuing my interesting morning – I made a Blue-Green Monster for breakfast.


Last night I placed:

  • 1/4 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 blueberry cheesecake yogurt
  • 2 handfuls of spinach

in my blender.

IMG_7776 IMG_7777IMG_7780

This morning I whirred the mix until the spinach was completely pulverized, added a frozen banana and a handful of ice cubes, blended again – then draaaaaaank up.


Super smooth and creamy – love the addition of the cheesecake yogurt!


For lunch today I made a big salad:IMG_7770

In the mix:

  • Mixed greens
  • Spinach
  • Fresh Sweet Corn
  • 2 sliced, hard boiled eggs
  • Dried cranberries
  • Cherry tomatoes (unpictured)
  • Half a chicken brat (unpictured)

IMG_7773 IMG_7774

After I took all my pictures, I found some cherry tomatoes I had picked from my plant a couple days ago and put in a little cup on my counter. I completely forgot they were there! I also cutup half a leftover chicken brat – which all in all will make for an interesting combo of flavors for sure. I love cleaning out my fridge and putting all the random stuff I come up with in big salads. They usually produce the absolute best, unexpected flavor combos!


Rounding out lunch is a big container of the juciest watermelon eva…




Hey remember when Ben and I went to the Iowa State Fair a couple weeks ago? Check out Endless Simmer’s review of the Top 10 Food Finds at the Iowa State Fair. I totally took the same pictures of those pumpkins and the butter cow! Ha, yes!

AND, don’t worry – the IA State Fair has a complete page dedicated to all the “on a stick” foods they had at this year’s fair – check it out!


Which of these “on a stick” foods would you choose?

  1. Deep fried cupcake on a stick
  2. Porkchop on a stick
  3. Chocolate covered bacon on a stick
  4. Corn dog
  5. Chocolate covered peanut butter on a stick

I choose the corn dog. All corn dogs, all the time. Well, maybe just once a year at the Iowa State Fair :)

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  1. Monnik 08.28.2009

    I love SELF and Glamour too. But I also get Runner’s World and Cooking Light. Oh, and National Geographic, for my inner nerd.

    I would have to say the peanut butter and chocolate. But I love a good bite or two of a corn dog too!

  2. Hope 08.28.2009

    I would be all over that deep-fried cupcake on a stick. YUM.

    I feel your pain on the worm. I’ve done that more than a few times. Only in Iowa. :)

  3. ahhhh MN state fair…how i love thee. chocolate covered peanut butter…i am there.

    SELF is good, although the recent controversy kind of put me off. i also enjoy SHAPE, runner’s world, veg times and people of course. actually, any magazine really makes me happy :)

  4. admin 08.28.2009

    Ooo what was the controversy?!

  5. valerie 08.28.2009

    I think the controversy that Holly is talking about is how they airbrushed Kelly on the cover of Self. Apparently she didn’t want them to because she wants to be viewed as a “real” role model to women, but they did it anyway. I could be wrong though, but I did hear about that.

  6. Jenna 08.28.2009

    Love the blueberry cheesecake yogurt! I had some strawbery cheesecake yogurt the other day, wowzaers was it good :)

    Ohhh state fair food. The Minnesota state fair just started yesterday! One of the ‘new’ items that was on the news was a pot roast Sunday. I don’t know how I feel about this… kind of sounds good, kind of makes me want to gag? It is mashed potatoes, roast, gravy, and a cherry tomato on top I believe.

    In terms of your list of choices, since I eat peanut butter multipe times I day, I would need to venture away from that and take a chance on the deep fried cupcake on a stick!

  7. Mich 08.28.2009

    Love love love your blog!

    Here’s a little bit on the controversy about SELF….

    Why do some lady mags have a problem portraying women as beautiful just the way they are – without any Photoshop enhancement?! Thanks for the positive self-image message, SELF.

    And duh – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Kelly has been tweaked in this mag cover. We’ve all seen her lately! Wow.

  8. Tracy 08.28.2009

    I love Eating Well magazine and recently discovered VegNews, too!

  9. erin 08.28.2009

    none of those —– on a stick appeal to me, so i guess chocolate/peanut butter on a stick is the best.

  10. Courtney 08.28.2009

    “IT FLUNG UP AND STRUCK ME ON THE CALF.” hahaha, this is maybe the funniest sentence ever, in regards to stepping on a worm. ;) sickness.

  11. that zuke bread is SO CUTE. it looks like a little pastry present :) who doesnt love food that looks like a present ?! :D

  12. wow that is one GREEN smoothie haha…i love it when it comes out like that! chocolate coverd bacon on a stick!?? does that exiist? haha i def will have with the pb. and my favorite magazines? i like womens health, runnersworld, and self! i like glamour too becuase of the dos and donts ahha

  13. Sara 08.28.2009

    Haha, sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but that is kinda funny that you stepped on a worm. :) My favorite magazines are Shape and the new Food Network magazine. I read them cover to cover and almost every article. As for food on a stick, I’d usually pick a corn dog (b/c they are delicious), but chocolate covered peanut butter on a stick? Is there really such a thing? Where can I find it?

  14. Evan Thomas 08.28.2009

    Hmm, none of those particularly appeal to me. Maybe I’m just not an on the stick person? I do take my fruit off my kabob when I grill it, so that would explain it lol

  15. VeggieGirl 08.28.2009

    Sorry I’ve missed so many posts!! I didn’t know you changed URLs :(

  16. RunToTheFinish 08.28.2009

    i have been putting Silken tofu in vanilla in my GM, good stuff.

    let’s see I would go for the chocolate covered banana for sure, the rest sounds a little icky to me

  17. Coco 08.28.2009

    I really like SELF mag as well. That addition I particularly enjoyed on the plane ride home the other day. Great stuff, but I feel like they repeat themselves a lot. Actually a lot of magazines do that!
    Your green monster sounds fab. I’ve never seen the yogurt you eat anywhere, but the flavors sound marvelous!!!!!!
    Hell yes to watermelon and i would most def pick the corn dog.

  18. Leianna 08.28.2009

    That blue green monster looks really good, may have to try that combo. I’ve had porkchop on a stick at the MN state fair, it was surprisingly great!

  19. Niki 08.28.2009

    My favorite magazine is Ruuners World, but I also like Shape, Self and Southern Living:) Your salads always look so good! I need to be better about throwing anything and everything into my salads to mix them up!!

    I don’t think I would choose any of those on a stick! But, I remember when I was little, I really loved to get cheese on a stick at theme parks!

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