A Good Laugh with Dinner


Hi all!

I made it through the day! I was in the “fog-zone” for portions of it, but all in all it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I even got out for a lunch time walk, which was just as gorgeous as yesterday’s was. :D



I just remembered that and had to get it out there before I forgot :)

SO – I’ve been anxiously awaiting tonight’s dinner since I picked up that container of ricotta cheese last week. Ricotta haters, don’t leave – you can make tonight’s dinner without it – Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes!


I actually started laughing like a maniac when I put this all together…I mean – LOOK AT THAT!


All I did was take a serving of pancake mix, to which I added a quarter cup of ricotta cheese, 1 tsp sugar, a handful of blueberries and cooked as usual.


Topped with another dollop of lightly sweetened ricotta, a sprinkling of fresh blueberries and a drizzle of syrup – this was DECADENT! The ricotta cheese added a creamy, richness that cannot be beat.


Here’s the kicker – how would you like it if I told you this entire plate o’ deliciousness clocked in at under 350 calories? I am not lying to you, I promise. I’m a terrible liar…even over the Internet…


If you ever make these, beware – hot, bursting blueberries are just that. Hot bursting blueberries! Those babies are like little volcanoes ready to shoot out delicious, blue lava!


Oh man, these were just plain FUN to eat. Who doesn’t like a plate of pancakes piled high, jam packed with blueberries and fluffed with ricotta cheese?! SO GOOD!

I am happy, full and going to sleep like a little blueberry angel tonight 0:D


How do you like your pancakes or waffles? With fruit, without, with syrup or powdered sugar?

To be honest, I didn’t even like pancakes when I was little – I was more of a French Toast gal (cough, high maintenance, cough…) :D Thankfully, I had a Mom and Dad who always obliged :)

Edited to add: Thanks to my dear Dad for power washing my entire house in preparation for painting it this weekend – he was soaked, but was glad to do it. Thanks Pops!!

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  1. Becky 09.01.2009

    What kind of pancake mix do you use?
    It looks sooo yummy!

  2. Lauren 09.01.2009

    Holy goodness! Those cakes are making me drool. I think Blueberry pancakes will always go down in my book as a true favorite. However, now that fall is near, I do start to crave Pumpkin Pancakes. Just throw in a little canned pumpkin in the mix and vola, a perfectly sweet pumpkiny cake for breaskfast. It’s incredible.

    Haha, I don’t think liking FT makes you high maitenence, you are too cute! :)

  3. Tay 09.01.2009

    Ahhhhh omg amazing!! I LOVE blueberry pancakes. And I’m sure the ricotta adds so much. Kind of like sour cream pancakes, no?

  4. Evan Thomas 09.01.2009

    Mmmm breakfast for dinner, always a winner!(Hey, that rhymed)
    I like my pancakes with fruit and syrup. I haven’t made them in sooo long but if I did I would add blueberries and chocolate chips. i’ve always wondered why nobody sells blueberry chocolate chip bagels. it seems like such a good combo to me

  5. Emily 09.01.2009

    Wow! Now those are some pancakes! :D YUM!

    I just received the Food Should Taste Good package from your giveaway that I won a while ago and I am pumped to try them! Thanks again!

  6. OMG those pancakes look AMAZING!!!
    I go syrup and fruit with my pancakes, but ONLY syrup with waffles. I’m a weirdo.

  7. Leianna 09.01.2009

    I like chcolate chip pancakes with bananas, may have to put almond butter with it all next time!
    Thanks for more great eats! You always have amazing pictures!

  8. Gab* 09.01.2009

    The pancakes look delicious! I love it when you eat something that looks and tastes like a treat but doesn’t have an insane amount of calories.

  9. omg. I have tons of blueberries in the fridge that need to be used up! I am totally making this. Under 350 cals? DUDE!!

  10. admin 09.01.2009

    Becky: I use Hungry Jack whole wheat pancake mix!

  11. Nicole 09.01.2009

    I’ve always loved pancakes, especially when my grandma makes them, mmm so good! And yours look delicious as well. I got around to making the chocolate banana bread, brought it to work and it was a hit! I went with a lower fat version, but you would never know it was low fat. In case you’re interested…

  12. Jenna 09.01.2009

    I am a total pancake queen. Hands down. I like a mixture of blueberries and chocolate (milk and/or white) mixed into the batter. Then on top, peanut butter, more berries and syrup! Total pancake heaven.

    I’ll be dreaming of that combo tonight :)

  13. Run Sarah 09.01.2009

    Those look SO good! I love mine with tons of fruit & nut butter :)

  14. Heather 09.01.2009

    Those pancakes look amazing. I am more of a waffle person but I really want to try pancakes with the ricotta!

  15. Sarah R 09.01.2009

    I love my pancakes chalked full of blueberries with little or no real maple syrup. Yum!

  16. Damn, those pictures killed me! The ricotta addition is just genius! :D

  17. Krystal 09.01.2009

    OMG those pancakes look SOOO delish! If I had any of those ingredients I would be makin them right now!! They remind me of a stuffed french toast recipe I have!!

    And… since the pumpkin spice lattes are back, does that mean the hot carmel apple cider is too??

  18. Devan G Newman 09.01.2009

    i remember not liking pancakes too!!
    Definatly a french toast girl. My dad makes killer french toast, and we always had it on easter morning :) haha

    And beligian waffles :)

  19. Erika 09.01.2009

    Amazing pancakes! I need to try them with ricotta – everything is better with some cheese! :) My kids and I love making the round pancakes. The pan that was sold on the infomercial! We got ours at Williams Sonoma though! I like ‘stuffing’ them with mashed bananas and sugar and cinnamon.

  20. Whitney 09.01.2009

    Those pancakes are making me drool. I must try this combo, and soon!

  21. Lainie 09.01.2009

    OMG! I want pancakes for dinner. So, so badly!!! And ricotta cheese on top….genius! Kinda like a danish I would assume!

  22. angieinatlanta 09.01.2009

    HOLY YUM! I love breakfast for dinner and those pancakes look amazing!

  23. Caroline 09.01.2009

    Those look heavenly! It’s been far too long since I’ve had ricotta. I like my pancakes with almond butter and fruit on top.

  24. Stephanie 09.01.2009

    These look phenomenal!!! The ricotta addition is a great idea (flava + protein = only good things!) Pretty pics as well… magazine worthy uh huh :)

  25. Sara 09.01.2009

    Wow, those look like the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever seen! :)

  26. Anne K. 09.01.2009

    Mmm I love the holiday drinks at Starbucks! And those pancakes look absolutely incredible. I totally need to get on the pancake-making bandwagon!

  27. Sara 09.02.2009

    Those pancakes look phenomenal.

  28. FoodCents 09.02.2009

    Wow, those looks TASTY!!!! I love savory waffles (cheese, bacon, onion, etc). I might just have to try those pancakes!!!

  29. I think a pumpkin spice latte is exactly what I need today!!

  30. Sassy Molassy 09.02.2009

    These look A-MAZING! I’m going to make these as soon as I can make it to the store for some ricotta and fresh blueberries!

  31. […] Iowa Girl influences my ingestion of intermittent Starbucks seasonal drinks (see above). […]

  32. Vollkornwaffeln 02.19.2010

    Hmm yum yum! ;). Thank you for the share

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