Fending For Yourself


Ahhhh – it’s officially the long weekend! :D You jazzed?

I came home from work, slapped on some running gear and hit the trail – 4 miles to be exact. It.was.a.slooooooog (slow jog.) Believe it or not, my hips, legs and buns are still sore from my 4.25 mile walk on Wednesday! Whenever I walk for exercise, I really push it – long strides, arms pumping, etc. I may look strange, but I want to make it count! Anyways, the first two miles today were definitely slogged, but I picked it up for the last two. I finished 4 miles in exactly 40 minutes. I’m ok with that!

After I got showered up, Ben and I had “fend for yourself” dinner. He made Ramen & Cheese. That’s a package of Ramen Noodles mixed with a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, in case you wanted to know ;) I had a bite and actually, it wasn’t bad! A “dude” meal for sure – but pretty tasty, nonetheless!

I made a Fruit & Spinach Salad. That’s a bed of baby spinach topped with a chopped Braeburn apple, chopped nectarine and the leftover Nectarine Salsa!


Wooo! I forgot to mention yesterday that there is a clove of minced garlic in the salsa, and wowza, did it get strong overnight!! Luckily I love garlic, but un-luckily, now I have wicked garlic breath…muwahahahaha :)

IMG_8243 IMG_8246

The sweet apple & nectarine were so perfect with the balsamic vinegar that I splashed in with the spicy salsa…yummy!!


Omg guess what?! I GOT TICKETS TO BRITNEY!! My sister-in-law got free – FREE – tickets to the concert next Friday, which means one week from this very moment I will be singing along to all the Brit-Brit classics – Hit Me Baby One More Time, You Drive Me Crazy – and my personal favorite – I’m a Slave For You. Every single time I hear that song, I think of my freshman year of college. I have no idea why – but it makes me really happy. I.am.so.pumped!!

Well Ben’s out getting us dessert – it’s a surprise, how exciting! :D

Have a great night everyone!!

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