Check, check, check!


My day has been extreeeemly productive so far!

1. “Return” sweater and get 2 for the price of 1: Check.


2. Lunch at in-laws: Check.

On the menu: Fresh Steamed Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes & Grilled Steak. YUM! My Mother-in-law makes some fantaaaaaastic mashed potatoes and this was the first batch we’ve had since last winter!


Dessert was more of that mouth watering Apple Crisp from last night.


Droooool…look at that crisp!


3. Grocery shopping: Check.

4. Picked up goodie bag from friend’s parent’s house: Check.

After my almond butter-sans-seal debacle last week, one of my best friends who lives in Chicago offered to pick me up some goodies from Trader Joes – she is the best! She was meeting up with her parents this weekend (who live by me) so she gave them the package to bring back to town. In said package? Almond Butter!!! I cannot WAIT to dig into this baby!


She also got my faaaaaaaavorite – Australian Licorice!!


I have gotten a bunch of different brands of Australian licorice in the past, but NONE of them compare to the kind they sell at Trader Joes… YUM!


5. “Exercise”: Check.

It was blazing hot out so my exercise for today was cleaning out my car, shop vac’ing and hand washing it. My arms, which were already sore from painting for nine hours, really felt this!

Here she is – all shined up like a new penny nickel. I drive a Ford Focus – how about you? Did you name your car? In high school I drove a Tracker (I know) and it was named “The Trak Attack.” Other than that, I haven’t named any of my other cars!


6. Fold Laundry: mmmmm not checked…

Look at it just staring at me…I hate you laundry!


I suppose I should get started…I have a very important game to watch in T minus 1 hour. The Miami Hurricanes have their season opener tonight at 7 and their number one fan just happens to be my husband, Ben. Seriously, if you hear someone yelling at 7:10 tonight – don’t worry, it’s only him. He is one of the most laid back, sweetest people you will ever meet – but turns into a psychotic fan, screaming at the top of his lungs at every play, good or bad, when the canes start playing. Ay dios mio…

Have a great night everyone – short week ahead!

Labor Day Deals & Meals


Good morning folks!! Well the Labor Day sale hunt went really well! I found some great deals at Anne Taylor Loft. I got both a fuchsia and cream colored sweater for $30 and a little cardigan for $20. Boo yah! I especially like those sweaters because they’re looooong. There’s nothing…

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