Use It…or Lose It!


Do you ever find yourself with an impending workout staring squarely into your eyes and your head is saying “no, no, no!” while your body is saying “yes, yes, yes!”? That was me. This afternoon. It was 4:30, I was exhausted from staying up late last night, it was hot and well, I just didn’t feel like exercising. But after some healthy Australian licorice sampling last night, my body needed a good run. So I told my mind to can it, laced up and hit the pavement!

They always say “use it, or lose it” (they say that right?) so in the spirit of using it, I did not rog, I did not slog – I ran 5 miles. I haven’t run 5 miles in it least a month, perhaps longer! Around mile 3.5 I felt my body wanting to slow down, but I knew it didn’t need to slow down, so I kept on truckin’. In the end, I was hot, sweaty and thirsty – but it felt great to know that I had not lost the ability to run farther than 4 miles, which is what I’ve been pretty much sticking to for the past several weeks!

What else must you “use or lose”? Connections with friends, time spent with family, your youth, work opportunities…produce?? :)

Speaking of produce, tonight I brought out the goods and made Taco Salads!


In the mix:


I used a taco seasoning packet to season up my ground beef. Feel free to sub in ground turkey, or even use some black/pinto beans with the seasoning!

IMG_8403 IMG_8401

I picked up that Tillamook Cheese at Costco this weekend. You know how sometimes you sprinkle some cheese into your salad, and you can’t even taste it, thus, what’s the point of putting it in? Yeah, not with this stuff – the flavor completely pops in the salad! Fun fact: My Dad loves Tillamook Cheese – he’s been to their cheese factory :D


I actually have ZIP to do tonight. Ohhhh no…I STILL haven’t folded the laundry!! Can you even believe that? I am ridiculous.

I’m off!


What’s your favorite kind of cheese? Are you a “stinkier is better” kind of person?

I like brie and pepper jack the most!

If You Only Do One Thing Today…


If you only do one thing today – make it watching this video. Halftime of the Miami game was minutes away, Miami had the ball…and I had the video camera on Ben – muwahahahaha! TOUCHDOWN!! Oh my gosh…what a crazy man! He had no idea I was taping him and…

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