Mac ‘n’ Cheese Done Right…and Light!


Ohhh my gosh you guys, I just had the BEST dinner! I was zipping around the ‘net today and stumbled on an amazing recipe for macaroni and cheese…with bacon…and it’s healthy…it’s Cooking Light’s Bacon Mac!


This recipe is way healthier than your standard Mac ‘n’ Cheese because it uses the following:

  • Whole wheat pasta
  • 1 slice of center-cut bacon
  • Skim Milk

That’s right – there isn’t a drop of butter in this recipe, yet it’s one of the most decadent Mac ‘n’ Cheese dishes I’ve ever had. Let’s dig in :)

First thing’s first – I served my Bacon Mac with some Oven Roasted Broccoli.


I laid out a package of the Dole pre-cut & pre-washed broccoli crowns onto a baking sheet and gave them a mist of extra virgin olive oil. Have you ever seen these misters? You pour your oil of choice in, pump the top and then you’re able to mist whatever it is you’re cooking instead of having to pour.


I misted the crowns with EVOO, sprinkled on some garlic salt and roasted them for ~15 minutes @ 400 degrees. They came out all hot, crispy and garlicky. 


Even though it’s hotter than blazes out – I braved the hot oven for this broccoli because it is that.good. Roasted veggies – nay, roasted garlic veggies – are always worth the braving the heat.


Now this FAB MAC! I halved this recipe, and used onion powder instead of onions, because Ben doesn’t dig onions – and I’m a good wife ;)

First you make the cheese sauce while the pasta is cooking. Then you combine and pour into a shallow baking dish.

IMG_8440 IMG_8442

Top with cheddar cheese & broil until golden brown & bubbly. I used Tillamook Cheese for both the sauce and the topping.

IMG_8444 IMG_8452

Bacon Mac without all the fat is FABULOUS! I’m going to go out on a limb and proclaim this as ranking in the Top 3 Mac ‘n’ Cheese dishes I’ve ever had…


Ughhh the broiled cheese topping was perfection.


Look at the creaminess – and there was NO BUTTER in this sauce! A tiny bit of flour, some skim milk and a modest amount of cheddar cheese – that’s it! 


I’ve always been really intimidated by cream sauces, in fact this is the first one I’ve ever made, but honestly it couldn’t have been easier. I promise you! Try this recipe! :D


Dessert = Australian Licorice…


I learned my lesson from Monday night and portioned out my pieces, then bravely put the container away. This licorice is ah-may-zing. Amazing!


Well I have been waiting a long time for this day to come…Tyra finally got her act together and opened America’s Next Top Model to short people! It’s true – this season features girls that are 5’7 and UNDER! Holla!! Can’t wait to watch that crazy cat and the new season in the premiere tonight!


Do you like Macaroni & Cheese? Let’s go old school – Kraft or Velveeta???

Mmmmm when push comes to shove…Velveeta Shells take the cake…

5 Pieces of Advice from Obama’s Health Gurus


Good morning all! I feel like I just had a feast! I busted out a big plate (I usually use small plates) and had Almond Butter & Jelly Toast, Scrambled Eggs & a Sliced Peach. That’s two slices of whole wheat bread, slathered in Sugar-Free Raspberry Jam & Almond Butter….

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