Three Question Thursday + Poll!


Hey, hey, hey – good morning!

Today I have an all day meeting – we’re talking sitting from 9:30-3:30 with no meaningful movement – wretch! Therefore, last night I made the commitment to getting up early this morning and running.

Unfortunately when my alarm went off today, that commitment went out the window. :/ It was dark…the bed was so comfy…you know how it is! So, I’ve packed my bag to hit the gym after work. I’m actually excited – whenever I’m at the gym, I do more than I would it I were just running outside. I’ll hit up the stairmaster, lift some weights, etc. When life gives you lemons…

For breakfast today I saw no choice but to have Banana & Almond Butter Toast. It is so good :)



That’s two slices of whole wheat bread, slathered in silky almond butter and topped with sweet banana slices.



I drizzled one slice with some Honey after a bunch of you recommended it last week. Heaven!



We pre-ordered lunch for this afternoon’s meeting from a local deli, so I’ll be having a Turnberry Sandwich with a side of Fresh Fruit coming my way around 12. I am wicked excited for this sandwich – it’s smoked turkey, harvarti cheese, cranberry chutney & cream cheese all on multigrain bread. Kind of like Thanksgiving dinner, in sandwich form! I imagine it will look something like this:


So like I mentioned – the new season of America’s Next Top Model that debuted last night is featuring models that are 5’7 and under. Being 5’2 – I was excited to watch and see how it went!

To be honest, the whole episode made me feel icky. I felt like Tyra was just humoring the short girls, knowing that they would never have a real chance in the industry and almost acting like they weren’t as great as her regular, taller contestants.

Maybe I’m being oversensitive, but I look extremely young, sound extremely young and coupled with my short height – I’ve been underestimated my entire life. So feeling like these girls aren’t being taken seriously kind of bugged me. Is there anything you’re sensitive about? 

Maybe I just need to get a grip on reality, because this is America’s Next Top Model we’re talking about here!!!

Anywho – get excited – I’m including my very first poll at the bottom of this post! It’s about the future of Three Question Thursday…so get to answerin’! 


Inspired by yesterday’s “this or that” breakfast – I present to you This or That TQT!

1. Dogs or Cats?

2. Regular or Doublestuff? (Oreos/sandwich cookies, that is!)

3. Winter or Summer Vacation?


My answers:

1. Dogs – preferably miniature wiener dogs!

2. Regular – doublestuff make me nauseous. However, if you ARE a doublestuff fan, check this out!!

3. Winter – when February comes around, I literally HAVE to get away after being surrounded by snow and ice for 4 months. Plus, it makes going to a warm destination all the more sweet :) It is pretty brutal coming back though…


And now…the poll!

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