In Case You Missed It…

Saturday:   We painted my house in a day!
Sunday:   Labor Day feast with the fam.
Monday:   I had the most productive Labor Day on record!
Tuesday:   The Miami Hurricane’s #1 Fan makes his video debut.
Wednesday:   A recipe for some decadent – yet light – Mac ‘n’ Cheese!
Thursday:   This or That Three Question Thursday
Friday:   I became an Aunt to the most beautiful little boy in the world :)

Courtesy of my brother – here he is – my nephew: Finnegan William!

The Most Beautiful Thing in the World…


I’m an Auntie!! I left work at 3:00 yesterday afternoon when I got the call that “it was time” and by 3:52 I had a beautiful, sweet-as-pie NEPHEW! Finnegan William They always say you love your baby the instant you see it’s face. Can it be the same for an…

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