Ben’s Breakfast Skillet


Hi friends!

Well it has just been bum central around here today! Usually Saturday’s are my most productive days, but after a crazy week – I just wanted to kick back and relax today…so I did!

The Iowa vs Iowa State game was a train wreck on both sides – neither teams were playing particularly well, however, the Hawks came out on top, yeehaw!

During half-time Ben whipped us up some Breakfast Skillets for lunch…yummmm!


I special ordered mine to contain:

  • Egg whites
  • Hashbrowns
  • 1 slice of bacon
  • Cheddar cheese


He added some tomatoes, green onions and salsa on top. Bliss!


Look, I took some pictures of him cooking away – isn’t he cute? :D He really likes to cook, but gets so stressed out that I won’t like his creations – when in fact, I always do :)


This was a terrific take on what would normally be a grease filled, gigantic portioned breakfast that you’d find out in a typical restaurant.


The rest of the day has been filled with more football, and bears. Bear Grylls that is! There’s a Man vs Wild marathon on today and I am just loving catching up with my favorite adventurer – BG is a STUD!


We picked up some delicious Thai food for dinner from a terrific restaurant here in town, Cool BasilChicken Pad Thai for her and Pad See Ew for him! We split our meals 50/50, so we each have the best of both worlds.


Oooooo I just love Pad Thai. The chew of rice noodles with that peanutty sauce is so satisfying.


Seeing as how I like the chew of rice noodles in Pad Thai, I ADORE the noodles in Pad See Ew – they’re like 4 times the width of Pad Thai noodles. Delish!



Not sure what the rest of the evening holds – probably more football watching and laying low. Tomorrow I’ve got a baby to visit, grocery shopping to accomplish and whatever else comes my way! Have a great night everyone!

Finn, Britney & Football!


Baby Finn says “Hiiiii!” I went to the hospital yesterday afternoon to take another “photo shoot” of Finn – doesn’t he look like the cutest little priest you’ve ever seen?!?!?!?! He was getting burped and l-o-v-i-n-g every moment of it :D :D :D Look how content he is! That’s blurry…

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