Feeling a Little Like This…


Oooo, it’s been a rough day my friends, a rough day indeed. I’m feeling better now, but after a trip to the doctor, more work than I could do in a year and some rotten asparagus, I’m feeling a wee bit like this:

It could be worse though…it really could. So lets just fast forward to the rotten asparagus…

Tonight’s menu was to be a re-creation of a Sweet Soy Glazed Pork Tenderloin dish I made back in July (2 days after my birthday, actually!)

Tonight, though I was going to use a skinless, boneless turkey breast instead of pork. I was going to serve some amazing garlic-roasted asparagus on the side too, but when I went to take my bundle out of the fridge – all the tips were mush. D’OH!! I was crushed…

Moving past it, I continued with my Sweet Soy Glazed Turkey Breast, because it had been marinating in my fridge all day and was ready to go straight into the oven – yes! In the asparagus’ place, I served some handy, frozen Corn and CousCous.


The sweet-soy glaze uses soy sauce, brown sugar, olive oil, and CINNAMON. The star ingredient!


I wanted a little sauce to drizzle over my turkey, so I stuck with the sweet theme of the dish, and let some teriyaki sauce bubble away on the stove until it was slightly thickened. It was the perfect sweet and easy sauce for this dish!


Instead of making my couscous with water, I made it with chicken broth. It really takes couscous to a whole other level.


And thanks goodness for frozen corn! This is one vegetable that I think freezes really, really well. I can’t eat any other frozen-then-thawed veggies…their textures are just too funky for this lady!


So…while we were minus some roasted asparagus, I think tonight’s dinner still turned out really well! I would kiss my morning self if I could for marinating the turkey breast while I was work so I could just pop it in the oven this evening!


Well friends, I am calling this day a WRAP!


Run, Kristin…RUN!


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