That Deserved the “S” Word


The Good News: I witnessed one of the most gorgeous sun rises on my way to work this morning…I let out an audible “wow!”


I also broke my recent exercise slump by getting out for two walks today and running three miles after work! :)

The Bad News: The run sucked. That’s right – I used the “S” word. It sucked hard. Remember when I said if you don’t use it, you lose it? Well, I have not been “using” it enough the past two weeks, and I definitely felt the effects. I never wanted to quit, but that three miles was way harder than it should have been. In the spirit of 101 Greatest Running Tip #62 though, I stewed about it while I finished up my last quarter mile, while I slammed some ice water that Ben had waiting for me at the door (aww) and while I showered. Then, I moved on and committed myself to being more consistent in my running, in the future.

Theeeeen, I made dinner! Turkey Sausage Breakfast Frittata!


I followed my basic frittata recipe, but made the following adjustments:

  1. I cooked two of my lean, Sweet Turkey Sausages out of their casings and crumbled.
  2. I used 2 handfuls of frozen hashbrowns instead of pasta, which I cooked up for a few minutes with some ice cubes until they were soft. Then I threw in a couple handfuls of fresh, baby spinach and let them wilt for ~1 minute.

Other than that, the recipe was the exact same. Topped with some sliced cheddar cheese – FAAAAB!


I am just in love with this turkey sausage – there was literally not a drop of excess grease or oil when I cooked it up.


The hashbrowns and parmesan cheese in the eggs made this creamy and filling.

IMG_8994 IMG_8999

Love, love, LOVED this dish!! I had two slices, which was a quarter of the recipe…but I think I’ll be going back for more in a squinch ;)


Since the Miami Hurricanes are playing tonight, Ben made a “game day” dinner of frozen pizza. I had a couple pieces because, fun fact: I love frozen pizza. I would rather eat frozen pizza than delivery…is that weird?


My agenda tonight includes paying some bills, bills, bills and watching the…

season premiere of The Office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who is your favorite character on The Office?

Mine is Kelly – she is hysterical :D

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a flat top stove cleaner?

Mine is just not cutting it!

Nice People Make the World Go Round + Three Question Thursday!


On Tuesday evening I was mourning my empty Australian Licorice container – well the lid anyways…I’m not sure where the actual container got to…did I eat it?? I had rationed and savored every delicious bite, but like they say – all good things must come to an end, right? WRONG!…

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