Not What You Think…


I used again tonight…


My legs, that is! I went for a nice, 3 mile jog after work today. :) It’s was tough, but nowhere near as tough as yesterday…THANK GOODNESS! My running spirits and confidence are slowly rising. I also needed the exercise after the junk food bonanza that occurred at work today. I had:

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Nauseous. My department has a standing, weekly meeting that we decided to jazz up a bit with some snacks. I may have gone a little overboard, so the run tonight actually had a dual purpose – lift spirits and burn off buckets of sugar!

So whenever I eat a lot of sugar, I get full for a long time but find myself absolutely starving later on. Not normal, ‘oh it’s time to eat dinner’ hunger – we’re talking ‘I must eat this minute or…else!’ It’s got to be my blood sugar raging, then dropping when the sugar high wears off. At any rate – I was ready for dinner tonight! Steaks & Fresh Artichokes.


First I followed my instructions for how-to prepare a fresh artichoke.


Pretty, no? I love naturally occurring patterns and symmetry :)


Then I simply seasoned up some Bacon Wrapped Sirloin Steaks with grill seasoning and let them cook on my flat-top skillet for about 6 minutes a side, on medium-low.


After the steaks were done, I let them rest for ~5 minutes to let the juices redistribute, discarded the bacon (I only use it for flavor) and dug in!


I also melted ~1/2 tablespoon of butter with a clove of garlic to dip my artichoke leaves in. To be honest though, they were so fresh tasting, I didn’t use much – love that!



I have been a serious carnivore this week…perhaps next week I’ll take a walk on the meatless side for a couple meals. Ben will be thrilled… ;)


Oh, so remember that house cleaning I told you I had to do tonight?  Ben had the day off and did it all!! Ugh…nicest guy ever. :) So instead, I get to give myself a nice pedi and bake a special dessert for a fun day trip tomorrow. Here’s a hint…it involves this…


Can you guess what it is?!


Any fabulous weekend plans out there?

Weight Loss Video: Cool or Creepy?


Good morning everyone – happy Friday! I am in a great mood today. Maybe it was the morning Mom walk under the clear, star-filled sky…maybe it is just the fact that it’s Friday…or maybe it’s the Cinnamon Almond Banana Pancakes I had for breakfast! The playahs: 1 serving wheat-blend pancake…

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