Always Read Your Labels!



How’s your Sunday going? Mine’s been really good, actually! For breakfast I did a little bar mix-match action, and munched on half of my Tropical Fruit Lara Bar (I had the first half yesterday morning in the car) and a WildBlueberry PURE Bar.


I totally dug this new flavor! The actual bar was more crumbly than your standard Lara Bar and the flavor was like a tropical pineapple mixed drink. I felt like I should be on a white-sand beach somewhere!


After a Target and grocery store run, I dug into a new purchaseCinnamon Harvest Kashi Cereal.


I don’t usually buy Kashi cereal because:

  1. I don’t buy a lot of cereal as I eat it too fast
  2. Kashi products are usually too price-ay for this budget diva

Today though, Kashi cereals were 2/$7 AND I had a $2 off coupon – SCORE!

IMG_9359 IMG_9358

Like the granola I purchased last week, this is probably more of a snack or dessert for me since there is a lot of sugar in here – but, I’d rather be eating a whole grain dessert than not!


That’s one thing to watch for when buying organic or health food products. Just because they’re organic or “health food” items – doesn’t mean that they’re not laced with sugar. Always read your labels! :)


That said, these.were.awesome. They tasted just like my favorite nostalgic cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch!! :D


Well Ben and I are off to go visit our little nephew Finn for awhile, then I want to catch the red-carpet at the Emmy’s!


Do you watch award shows?

I do like the red carpet at the Emmy’s, but not so much the Grammy’s or Oscar’s. I think we’re so bombarded by movie stars all the time, that it’s nice to see our fave television characters come out and play at the Emmy’s!

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