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Hi everyone!

I’m so glad you liked the post on Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping Tips this morning! Sounds like a bunch of you already do some sort of meal planning – kudos!

Soooo – Pumpkins are in! I dropped by the drugstore after work today and there was a little pumpkin army just waiting to greet me :) Look how perfect and pumpkin-y they are! Do you carve pumpkins @ Halloween time? Do you free hand it or get the fancy stencil kits? Some of my absolute fondest memories of growing up are carving pumpkins with my Dad and brothers, than roasting the seeds with my Mom. It’s funny the things that stick with you, no?


So last week when I was meal planning, I got a craving. A craving for Mexican. I know I just had it, but this craving was for something specific…Burnt Nacho-Cheese Dorito Nachos. Fun Fact: I love burnt nacho-cheese dorito nachos more than…a lot of things. You just take nacho-cheese doritos, top with shredded cheese and put them under the broiler until the seasoning is burnt. It’s literally been yeeeears since I last had them because – hello, I think the name pretty much says it all.

Why am I telling you all this? I got a craving for the nachos but would never subject myself to eating them, so I started thinking about what I could make that would replicate the taste. One idea morphed into another, which morphed into another, which finally morphed into Enchilada Pizza! Kind of a long ways from Dorito Nachos – but the morphing process is a long and challenging one ;)

Ingredients for Enchilada Pizzas:

  • Flat Out Wrap
  • Enchilada sauce
  • Refried beans
  • Shredded cheese
  • Sliced olives
  • Chopped fresh tomato (un-pictured)


First I toasted 2 Flat Out Wraps under the broiler for about 1 min on each side.


Then I layered on enchilada sauce, refried beans, shredded cheese, black olives & fresh tomatoes.

IMG_9465 IMG_9466

IMG_9468 IMG_9469

Pop everything back under the broiler until the cheese melts – and you’ve got an Enchilada Pizza!


YUM!!! This is one of those fake-out dishes where your mouth is expecting one thing, but is tasting another. I kept expecting tomato sauce and tons of cheese, but instead I tasted spicy enchilada sauce and creamy refried beans!


This entire pizza clocked in at just under 350 calories…pretty good!!


The fresh tomatoes and black olives were the perfect toppers, and fresh bursts of flavor among the deep and flavorful sauce and beans.


This was an awesome meal and definitely easier than rolling up individual enchiladas and baking. 10 minutes start to finish!!


For dessert: a Blango. The name comes courtesy of Ben. It’s a blended mango!


That’s right friends – it’s just a blended mango. No juice, no sugar, no powder, no nothin’. Just a delicious, tropical, sweet – SMOOTH AS SILK – blended mango.


I eat this with a spoon and I’m telling you – you will think you have died and gone to Heaven if you eat one of these. They are amazing!


Tonight = Biggest Loser + The Bitch Is Back: The Hills Season Preview.  I CAN’T WAIT! I know The Hills is 150% fake, but dangit, I love Kristin Cavalleri!


What’s your pumpkin carving style:

a. Traditional:


b. Fancy


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