This or That Friday Night


Tonight could have gone a couple of ways…

I could have been at some bar for happy hour, but instead I hit the trail for a 4 mile run.

bar woman-running-707870[1]

I could be drinking caloric margaritas, but instead I have some of my favorite red wine – Ménage a Trois – and a chilled bottle of Chardonnay to sip on.

margarita-glassl[1] IMG_9625

I could be eating some free, fried, happy hour food, but instead I’ll be munching on some Hummus with Crackers & Veggies, and Popcorn.


I could be getting jostled around by a bunch of people on the dance floor, but instead I’ll be gazing into the eyes of Mr. Brad Jolie Pitt.

iStock%20Photos%20014[1] IMG_9621

I could have a late night treat of a delicious candy bar, but instead…no wait, I will be having a late night treat of a delicious candy bar.


A Bueno Candy Bar is the true candy bar love of my life and I have thought, drooled and dreamt of ever since I first tasted it in Mexico on Spring Break in high school. I found them at a local grocery store today and fought back the shrieks of joy!!!

IMG_9637IMG_9639 IMG_9642

So friends, in case you haven’t guessed by now…I am staying in tonight! My girlfriend is coming over and we are drinking wine, munching on delish and healthy snacks, watching girly movies and yes…eating candy bars :)

What will your Friday night be like?

The Best Brownies. Ever.


Sunday: Tailgate time! Monday: We discuss why we workout & I made Creamy No-Cream Pasta! Tuesday: I taught you how to grocery shop & meal plan & made healthy Enchilada Pizzas. Wednesday: I TWEETED WITH JILLIAN MICHAELS and shared the Easiest Crock Pot Recipe ever… Thursday: Pie for Dinner…’nuff said…

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