Weeell, I’m pretty sure you saw this coming: Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal for breakfast!


Ben was out with work people last night, so I got the whoooole batch to myself, muwahahaha! :D

I covered the second portion up with foil last night and stuck it in the fridge. This morning, I nuked for several minutes and was enjoying piping-hot, pumpkiny bliss in no time! I love pumpkin pie oats. Officially. Stamp it .


 As planned, I packed The Best Salad Ever for lunch today.


In the mix:

  • Mixed Greens
  • Bluebs
  • Rasps
  • Cherry toms
  • Cauli
  • Carros

IMG_9594 IMG_9596

IMG_9599 IMG_9600 IMG_9592

Stamp this as well – just look at those colors! Dressing = Parmesan Asiago Balsamic Vinaigrette. Should.Be.Fabulous!!


So I’m deeming Fridays “Fun Fact Fridays” from now on. I’ll be force feeding you fun facts about me, food, health, running, travel…or whatever I feel like sharing that day! I do hope you enjoy :)

Today’s fun fact: Ben and I have known each other since Kindergarten.

It’s true, we were eyeing each other even as little tykes! I have a picture of our kindergarten class – you know, the one you get every year of your class and everyone’s little heads? I’m in the top right hand corner, he’s in the bottom left hand corner!

We were semi-friends in high-school and hung around the same group of people, but alas, he always had a girlfriend :( Fast forward to the summer before our senior year in college, Ben was single, so was I and 4 years later, we were married!

  79IMG_2812 - Copy IMG_2979


What’s the longest relationship you’ve ever been in?